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Link and List Communicator

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Name of Person to Contact
Sally Goodman / Alan Mackenzie

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Tel. Number
031 828 22 78 National Number

Cell Number
071 50 71 400

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
34 Rosewood Road, Broadacres, Fourways

Postal Address
P O Box 746, Cramerview

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Hours of Business
Internet Hrs - 24/7

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Welcome to our Featured Listing which presents an Introduction to the Link & List Communicator

The Link & List Communicator Delights Customers as it is a Solution to Spam.

It's an Interpersonal Corporate Communicator.

e-mail spam has rendered e-mail impersonal.
100 billion e-mails per day!
Email remains the predominant form of communication in the business space. This trend is expected to reach, 132 billion e-mails per day during 2017.
Delight your customers with a button on their phones.
Interpersonal messaging is the solution to SPAM.
is not a personal communication channel.
Instant messaging
is not personal communication channel.
Put your button on the home screen of your clients phone and build a win:win relationship.
The Link & List Communicator is an innovative webpage that has full webpage functionality (text, image, audio and video) but with these distinguishing features:
It allows you to set the width of the page. Phone screen widths vary between some 320 pixels to 420 pixels on most phones.
It offers a menu bar down the right hand side with drop down second level menu tab functionality.
There is no limit to the number of Link & List Communicator pages that you create. Communicators can be created for many etities including:
Communities and Community Policing Forums, Professional Services, Retailers, Corporate Offices, Clubs, Churches, Franchisors, Schools and more.
Open a "Homes & Living Demo."
Open a "School Demo."
The cost of the Link & List Communicator is R300 per month or R2,700 pa. A built for you option of R3,600 pa is subject to confirmation with a quote.
This Link & List Communicator Package includes:
- a featured listing like this.
- A Form Builder & Manager.
- A. image rotator builder.
- A slide show builder.
- An image & a text survey builder.
- Online Coupon Deal Manager.
- Facebook, Twitter & Instagram image harvesting and presentation.
- Digital Flip Book Builder.
- Marquee Builder.
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise CRM is dominated by big business. Now for just R300 pm you can CONNECT and start to enhance RELATIONSHIPS.


The Link & List Communicator digital flipbook covers:

  • Installing the Communicator on your phone or PC.
  • The 4 channel framework to online marketing success.
  • School Communicators.
  • Club Communicators.
  • Corporate Communicators.
  • Church Communicators.
  • Community Communication.
  • Digital Mobi Contact Lists and Links.
  • How to Build a Communicator.

Interpersonal Messaging

with the Communicator

takes your CRM to the next level

by getting connected with your customers

& enhancing your customer relationships

in a simple and affordable way that works!


GPS Cordinates :--25.997625, 27.986260
Address :-34+Rosewood+Road,+Broadacres,+Fourways

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Special Quick Action Launch Deal Special

  • It's Leap Year and we take the opportunity to make you an awesome proposal!
  • The Annual Built for You Link & List Communicator Package that allows for 3 hours of build time is priced at R3,600 pa.
Our Proposal applies to the annual package only and is as follows:
Quick Action Deal No 1
- R1,800 off
  • For those that take quick action, against receipt of proof of payment, a 50% discount will apply.
  • This takes the package cost down to R1,800 pa or R150 per month.
Action Deal No. 2
  - R900 off
For those that snooze, against receipt of proof of payment, a 25% discount will apply. This takes the package cost down to R2,700 pa or R225 per month.
These deals are not online. 
Payment Option 1
  • To secure the deal e-mail your details to sally@eafrica.info or
  • phone 071 50 71 400.
  • We will e-mail you a pro-forma invoice which will indicate the qualifying discount..
Payment Option 2
  • Register for a free listing. To do this CLICK HERE to go to
http://www.egauteng.info/signregister.php   Complete the registration form and submit.
  • In the Member's Portal select the option to Upgrade To A Featured Listing - phone 071 50 71 400 to be advised of the discount that you qualify for.
  • Select the 30 Day option  and follow the checkout.
  • You will be e-mailed an invoice and banking details for 30 days.
  • Payment for 6 months (6 x 300 = R1800), to the qualifying few and payment for 9 months (9 x 300 = R2700) for the snoozers by EFT will secure the full annual built for you package for 12 months.
  • You will be e-mailed an invoice for the payment made.
Should you experience any problems phone eAfrica on 071 50 71 400  or  031 828 22 78
To read more about our CEO and founder, Alan Mackenzie click on the LinkedIn button below.


Find Us:       
Phone:  031 828 22 78
Deal Expires In: days   hour   min  sec

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