The Microlight & Light Sport Aeroplane Association of South Africa
MISASA is the National Flying Club that represents ALL Microlight & LSA pilots in SA.
MISASA is run by a Committee that is guided by a constitution and which is elected annually by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. There are approximately 1,200 Pilot members of MISASA who renew their membership on an annual basis. MISASA membership fees are due on 1 January for each calendar year. There is no pro rata rate for part or late payment.
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About MISASA and the AeroClub of South Africa.
MISASA  maintains a  focus on matters relevant to microlight and light sport aeroplanes and their pilots. We  share African Skies with aircraft of all types and as such the co ordination and facilitation of matters of a general nature are undertaken by the AeroClub. The one without the other would not achieve the aims and objectives of the two together. Given that the AeroClub represents all forms of aviation it has the responsibility to collectively market all the sub-sections and is accountable via the Board of the AeroClub to the membership. The Board of the AeroClub is made up of representatives of each of the sections of the AeroClub.  John Boucher, Donald Hicks and Rowena Kraidy are members of MISASA who serve on our committee and they serve on the Board of the Aero Club.
Our aircraft have a distinct look, feel, sound and personality.
A world in which we capture the emotion and soul of the early days of flight and in which together we work to give voice to recreational aviation and the safety thereof.
To serve our stakeholders through the:
  • Recognition and promotion of aviation excellence, air-mindedness and safety,
  • Maintenance of membership and external communication channels via print and electronic media enablers,
  • Hosting of events that inspire and develop recreational aviation,
  • Pooling of experience, the provision of advice and by maintaining
  • Vigilance in measured service delivery by regulatory and legislative structures.
Technology enhancements continuously improve in-flight safety and capability and this has extended the “home zone” of our aircraft from the proverbial cabbage patch to that of a global adventure.

Many pilots fly our aircraft from dawn to dusk not having ventured more than 10 Km from their home base, whilst enjoying the delight of a perch in the sky from which to take in the splendour. This includes that of coastal sea life, the cosmos fields of SA, the thrill of mountain ridge soaring or just sampling the breeze offered by the freedom of “Flying African Skies”. Over the past year the contrasts between the spectacular around the world adventures of some of our “pioneer pilots” and everyday flight have narrowed considerably. Flying the African skies is now a reality for many of our members. More and more pilots fly into central Africa and to Europe. The sophistication of the aircraft that we fly truly is making the world a smaller and more accessible place, at a much more affordable price.

Why Join MISASA?
Welcome to our world, a passionate world of recreational aviation pleasure. Do join us; we will exceed your expectations for fun, adventure and camaraderie amongst like minded people within our established recreational aviation community.

Goal for the year ahead
We remain committed to vigilance in service delivery. Our membership numbers currently approximate some one thousand plus pilots. This said, our numbers may in fact, in the short term, rise by another 500 or so pilots. We have, in the past had some 1,800 members but due to the economic economic scenario many pilots have hung up their "headsets!"  Our size places us as the largest sub-section of the Aero Club. Our response to this is that we undertake to establish a system of performance audits in which we all, as sections of the Aero Club, submit to performance audits so that the membership, have their rights to service delivery met, in full, each and every year.
Our Constitution and ARO enable us to stand for responsible and accountable airspace governance structures without over regulation. Measurable service delivery and accountability is thus our goal for the year ahead.

Our Advocacy Role
  • We acknowledge and recognise aviation excellence through the granting of appropriate awards and designations.
  • Through our active communication channels we encourage air mindedness, safety, aviation excellence and we give a collective voice to the interests and rights of pilots and enthusiasts alike.
  • Our members provide financial support to the Aero Club of SA who are charged with the responsibility to maintain interfaces with stakeholder structures such as the CAA, RAASA, Weather Services, Dept of Sport & Recreation, FAI via CIMA and Air Traffic Services, to name a few.

We maintain membership and external communication channels via print and electronic media enablers including:
  • Publications: MISASA is staffed by volunteers and the views of individual committee members, in printed or electronic media, does not necessarily represent the views of MISASA, or that of any of the members of the committee, who individually are accountable for their views. The Editor of Microflight Africa, has for over a decade maintained an "Editor Unplugged" desk, and he makes Microflight Africa Awards for measured service delivery.
  • A printed, full colour, annual "coffee table" magazine that showcases recreational microlight aviation. It is 208 pages long and is printed to the highest commercial standards. We print 2,000 copies and we distribute these to pilots. We do not charge for the magazine and we do not charge for feature stories in it. You can see back issues of the magazine on our website. Please submit content to editor@misasa.org
  • An interactive website and product showcase at www.misasa.org  Please submit content to editor@misasa.org
  • An open Facebook page at   facebook.misasa.org
  • Support to appropriate chat forums such as www.microlighters.co.za
  • An DVD called “Flying African Skies.”  This DVD is issued to all members when we have sufficient content submitted by members to compile one.
  • An events information calendar that is not restricted to aircraft type
  • An “open door” to committee members who are all volunteers
  • A variety of events offer opportunities to network and participate in projects including our own annual Aviation Showcase. Each year we host an Aviation Showcase. Last year it was held at Kitty Hawk and for the two years before it was at Tedderfield. The next event will be at Kitty Hawk on 7 February 2015.  This event is open to all aviation related suppliers and there is no charge for a stand, display area etc. We believe that this event serves to promote aviation awareness and development and it serves to enhance camaraderie between the membership and supplier community who are generally members.
  • eNews: Our monthly newsletter is distributed to all pilots. Please submit content to admin@misasa.org
  • Suppliers Directory: This is maintained on the www.eGauteng.info Business Directory where we offer suppliers the opportunity to create an upgraded listing and to maintain up to 10 managed online deal coupons for specials etc. This listing is free to businesses that offer aviation related products and services to our members. We have a dedicated aviation suppliers "MISASA" link on the home page of www.webo.directory in the top left hand panel of the home page.

Experienced pilots pool information on technical & training matters etc for the good of all and they provide up-to-date information/advice via our communication channels on learning to fly, NPL Conversions, What to buy, etc.
Events, Member's Projects and the Local Industry.
We established a world record for the number of Bantam aircraft at a single fly-in. The number that attended was 48 and this reflects on the ever growing popularity of this aircraft and our sport. To Andrew Pappas, the Bantam agent, we extend our hearty congratulations on his steadfast commitment to continued development of this type of aircraft which is highly affordable. The Bantam is still available as a CCm aircraft but has now been joined by a "stable mate" in the LSA bracket, the Bathawk.
The Sling, produced by Mike Blyth, an ex MISASA Chairman and our founding Chairman together with his team at the Airplane factory continue to dominate LSA sales and are building a strong reputation, and sales, in overseas countries.
Aquilla, the Cheetah and Aero Trike are locally made aircraft that we as a country can be proud of. The Aerossa Topless Wing that is produced in Petit adds a dimension that is critical to aircraft maintenance and modernisation.

Current active projects include:
  • Anti-poaching pilot support
  • Tracking systems to anti-poaching units
  • An annual industry shootout and fun day that is currently held at Tedderfield on the Saturday before Valentines day.

Maintaining and acquiring the resources needed to stage competitive flying events and facilitating, through the Aero Club, the award of national and MISASA colours. We stage a regional “Starters Masters” competition and the annual national competition.

Group Benefits
We work towards securing volume and other related discounts and benefits that are passed on to the membership and which are posted on our website. An example of which is:

Committee Participation
All members have a standing invitation to attend all committee meetings and by invitation members may attend special committee deliberations that are held to define policy or set targets.

Curved Glass Trophies
& Below: Cap Badges

The Editor of Microflight Africa recognises excellence and tardiness through awards in accordance with the constitutional objective of MISASA to, amongst other things, encourage measurable service delivery and accountability. Microflight Africa Awards:
  • The Feather Award
    • MISASA is an association of pilots that benefit from the services of others. The Feather Award is made for laudable success or achievement and is a sincere award presented in earnest to a recipient who is granted the right to wear a feather embroidered on the side of a MISASA cap. The Feather Award is a vote of thanks for a job well done.


  • The Wally Award
    • This award is presented for foolishness, tardiness and or for being a complete disappointment. It is a light hearted award presented uninsultingly with a view to sending a “wake up call” to the recipient that being a Wally is in the best interests of no body and that Microflight Africa sends it’s best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Microflight Africa Feather Awards have been awarded to:
  • Braam Hechter (2009) at the CAA for consistently going beyond the call of duty in attending to the needs of our members.
  • Mike French and Pierre Conradie (2009) for establishing and organising a new highly successful annual fly-away event; The Ezulwini Fly-away ( K-Z N North Coast).
  • Francois Burger (2009) for services to members and for establishing a much needed and spectacular airfield at Sodwana.
  • John Waterson ( 2010) for going many extra miles to assist our members with aircraft matters.
  • Paul Lintott (2011) for stepping up to the plate to assist a fellow pilot in need.
  • Koos de Wet (2011) for selfless devotion and leadership in the anti-rhino poaching initiative. 
  • Les McMaster (2011) for leading the creation of one of the most successful annual fly-ins: Swartkops.
  • Andrew Pappas: (2011) The Pied Piper of recreational aviation, leading the way in after sales service.
  • Wendy Hicks (2011) for running the MISASA Wild Coast Gaggle Galaxy "engine room."
  • Nico Willemse (2015) for being the Pied Piper of trike trainers, leading the way in the revival of weight shift aviation.
Aero Club Administrative Services
The Aero Club is charged with rendering a variety of services to our members. See www.aeroclub.org.za for details.
Aero Club Awards
On a rotational basis, items such as the following are supplied or made available to members:
    * Caps
    * Flight Suit Badges
    * Vehicle Badges
    * Renewal Date Stickers
    * Aircraft Stickers/Cautionary Notices

Pilot Memberships - R835: Open to pilots and others that are paid up members of the Aero Club of South africa. Joint membership renewal is available through MISASA. Members receive Aero Club membership credentials and enjoy all benefits that the association has to offer. Membership fees are due for any given calendar year commencing on 1 January and are not prorated.
Co-Pilot Membership - R410: Open to enthusiasts, inactive and or foreign pilots. Members receive the printed magazine, Microflight Africa, regalia, they may subscribe to newsletter feeds, join fly-aways and are permitted access to controlled areas during events and competitions. Co-pilots receive membership badges. Membership fees do not include foreign postage charges. The cost of foreign postage is added for non-SA co-pilot addresses.
The roles of MISASA, the SACAA & RAASA in Regulating and in Working Towards Safe Skies.
To fully appreciate the reasons behind how experimental aircraft are governed in South Africa, one needs to spend some time on all the processes leading up to the formation of the Recreational Aviation Administration of South Africa( RAASA) and also unpack the interaction and relationship between the SACAA and RAASA. During the period of Mr Zakes Myeza being the Commissioner/ CEO of the CAA, a decision was made to concentrate all oversight efforts on large transport aircraft, and meet State safety objectives in line with our ICAO responsibilities. The FAA/ IOSA audits presented a unique opportunity to the CAA to proof compliance against International Standards, supporting and ensuring the safety of the large numbers of tourists that would be visiting SA during the world cup soccer. It was during this period leading up to the Soccer World Cup that the Board of the CAA, accepted and passed a decision that the Recreational fraternity should be outsourced and essentially be able to look after itself in the form of a Designated Body.
The decision was not taken lightly, after all, a huge responsibility would be passed on to the organization that will be tasked to ensure safety and oversight on behalf of the CAA. The decision was also sanctioned by the Minister of Transport, culminating in some of the activities transferred in terms of a formal agreement and contract, National Pilot Licenses/ Renewals of Authorities to Fly were moved to RAASA starting the processes. For all intents and purposes RAASA can therefore be called the Regulator of Recreational Aviation in South Africa, not an uncommon principle in terms of world best practises.
Compliance with legislation and regulations will best be achieved when it is enforced by peer pressure from one's flying buddies.  This will eventuate when pilots have respect for each other, the CAA, RAASA and MISASA who must be seen to actively, in a hands on way, engage in helping pilots to understand that they regulate in their best interest and are prepared to roll up their sleeves to help, train, mentor and advise….  This will earn the respect of pilots who will enforce compliance at a hangar level as it will be nothing but ensuring the safety of our skies and the lives of those in them. Together, we can make this happen and achieve an enviable safety track record.
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