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Link & List Communicator: Mobi Lists Linked to Directory Listings, Website, Blog eCommerce store builder etc
Communicators linked to Directory Listings offer the opportunity for Business Opportunities on local topics such as Lifestyle and Leisure lists, neighbourhood lists, niche topics such as weddings, getaway destinations and more. Our Site builder click builds, listings, websites, viral blogs, eCommerce Stores, Coupons, Showcases, Auction Sites, Digital product delivery, Variation Management and much , much more.

About Our Free Voucher & Coupon Campaigns
Webo Voucher and Coupon Campaigns are Built, Maintained & Managed By Webo. Read More at Restaurant owners and others receive an online store branded in their name plus a managed e-Mail campaign that is balanced by an online button bookmark app. Vouchers consolidate diners and favour large events, Chef’s new menu specials and more. Coupons that offer one special free with 1, 2 or 3 specials purchased. We distribute the product by way of limited level network marketing teams. Chat to us no matter where you are situated.

Link & List Communicator Overview: One Click Content Communication
The Link and List Communicator is a Webo product managed by eAfrica. Webo is leading a shift in local content delivery from "Push" Technology channels like e-mail, printed flyer adverts, SMS, etc., to SCROLL AND CLICK "Pull" Technology COMMUNICATOR Apps on phones and PCs that deliver CONTENT IN ONE CLICK!

An Overview of Webo / eAfrica's Meeting Pack & Meeting Wall on The Meetings Communicator
The Meetings Communicator is a Webo product managed by eAfrica. Online Meetings are Efficient, Effective and Economic and TMC is simple to use, affordable and it Just Works. Based on a comprehensive site builder, content presentation options set it apart. The range of COMMUNICATORS includes Trade Show, Shopping Centre, School, Neighbourhood, Lifestyle, Club, Church and many more COMMUNICATORS. They are all a new way of communicating information to users that improves the user experience by getting users to their "candy" fast! We offer business opportunities to distributors worldwide and we offer the COMMUNICATORS for DIY and B4U use. We're here to get your business growing!

Is The Meeting Communicator's Virtual Meeting Room a Game Changer.
Having a virtual meeting room, that is open before the meeting, creates an online home for opinions and counter proposals that can be uploaded for sharing. An open virtual meeting room forum will be at the core of creating a game changing process. In these circumstances, meetings will be able to commence with solution engineering discussions rather than with seeking clarity. This video offers an overview of the Virtual (Online) Meeting Room.

The Secret to Effective Meetings: 5 Don'ts, 5 Rules, 5 FAQ's & 5 Behaviours.
The Secret to Effective Meetings: 5 Don'ts, 5 Rules, 5 FAQ's & 5 Behaviours. The Secret to Effective Meetings: 5 Don\'ts, 5 Rules, 5 FAQ\'s & 5 Behaviours. Seasoned executives in public, private and NGO sectors run effective, efficient & economic meetings ( better, faster & cheaper). Effective meetings are process driven, and the 4x5 matters covered in the video will get you there.

Internet Marketing for Local Business
This video is intended to inform neighbourhood businesses on the paid and free options for Internet Marketing. Focus and playing field inform each other within a plan to capture the attention of a defined audience. Internet marketing is the execution of a plan that is tracked, measured and redirected to achieve defined results.

Three Steps To Optimising For Social Media Marketing
The three steps offer a clear guideline for digitally marketing coupons. The plan is equally applicable to a wide range of attractive product or service offerings. Given an attractive offer, the ease of sharing the good news across social media platforms is optimised. "Share Buttons" are positioned on every online store page and on every product and blog page. All that's needed is an attractive offer such as a buy one, get one free, volume coupon offer for the news to go viral.

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