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General Information and Aircraft Details
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About our App. Apps are built for phones, you just scroll, tap & link! It is a quick and easy source of info on the go!.

 Note: PCs were built to to scroll, click and link with a mouse!
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 Country/Territory: South Africa

PCs were built to to scroll, click and link with a mouse!

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The combination of the PC, Keyboard, Mouse and the "Click" have been reengineered over and again. Touch pads, wireless and more have enhanced the user experience and it remains a firm favourite for many. A key feature is the fact that the experience is driven by the mouse and the click!
Then along came mobility! Connectivity from your phone grows exponentially driven by the ever expanding growth in broadband coverage. With reliability and ease of use phone handset internet access will continue to rise. The world without a mouse is here. Just Scroll, Tap and Link! It's easy and our Phone apps offer an App experience with our bookmarklet pages that are convential App lookalikes; the difference is that you need no App downloads - you just "open - add to home screen - tap the button - scroll and link."
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