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Link to the Alto TG Pricing Calculator

AAA cc t/a Sabre Aircraft 'ALTO' Price Calculator/Order Form
•It will remain the responsibility of the customer to confirm exactly how the imported kit or ‘ready to fly’ ALTO TG is to be delivered in terms of factory fitted options and 
      specification levels.
•Any items not specified at the time orders are confirmed will be subject to additional delays and shipping costs. 
•Shipping freight container charges are estimated in USA Dollars/20ft container and are subject to confirmation. Insurance cover based on the value of the consignment
      is  non-negotiable.
•Any and all SACAA or RAASA documentation requirements and costs are for the customers  account and it will remain their responsibility to establish before orders are
      confirmed and paid what registration, equipment levels and authority to fly requirements are currently in effect to meet their specific needs. Sabre Aircraft will naturally
      endeavor to assist in this process wherever applicable but the customer will incur additional fees based on documentation charges, time and travelling costs. 
Payment terms:
•To enable production on confirmed orders for ‘ready to fly’ aircraft an initial 5% down payment will be levied. This amount will be billed at the confirmed Euro buying
     rate of exchange and is non-refundable after 14 days on signed purchase orders. For ‘ready to fly’ ALTO TG orders 20 000 Euro will be invoiced to cover the  purchase
     cost and installation of the specified Rotax 912 series engine at that stage in the production process. A further 45% of the order value will become  due after eight 
     weeks with the remaining 45% balance on kits payable when the consignment has been checked, packed into the container and released to the shipping agent. 
•On “ready to fly” complete factory assembled aircraft 5% of the total order may be withheld subject to the successful completion of an initial test flight, systems &
     equipment check. Prior to handover any outstanding monies must have been settled in full.  
•Customs VAT, freight charges and agent fees will become payable when the container is released to the shipping agent on arrival in Durban and these costs must be
      settled in full prior to delivery. AAA cc t/Sabre Aircraft reserves the right to retain ownership of the consignment until all accounts have been settled. 
•Should the customer over the period of this agreement believe that it is in their best interests to settle in full or in part due to more favorable exchange rate conditions -
      this option will remain open provided not less than 5000 Euro is being transferred at any one time.

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