About Worksheets

How the Kumon Learning Method Began

The Kumon Worksheets are the key to your child’s success.
You’ll find that Kumon is different from passive learning programs.

 Instead of taking notes, memorizing facts, and being fed information from teachers or a tutor, 


your child actively develops critical, self-learning skills. Kumon accomplishes this through:

How Does Kumon work day-to-day?


Your child’s Kumon Instructor

Kumon Instructors are certified experts, able to guide, assess and encourage your child to help maximize success.

Kumon Instructors will continually review your child’s progress as part of grading and evaluating worksheets.

This helps the instructor fine-tune indidual lesson plans, if necessary. The Kumon Program requires a special commitment on your part,

and it encourages regular conferences between you and your child’s instructor to help gauge progress, goals, and motivation.

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