Welcome to the Gilbert Ford Jewellery Family
Our Team Leader

The jewellery trade saw the arrival of Rudi Campbell in the late 70's when he joined a company called Transvaal Tiger's Eye, sourcing and locating coloured gemstones.

Rudi joined Gilbert Ford Jewellers in 1983 as a sales assistant, planting the seed for what was to become a long and illustrious career in the trade. The two owners at the time, Roger Francis and Gerald Fearnside, noticed a passion in the young man and swiftly took him under wing.

Rudi now leads the team and he has established a reputation for nurturing the values that our loyal customer base subscribe to. We're proud to have earned the trust of families and we cherish the fact that we now are appointed by many who are second generation Gilbert Ford Jewellers customers.

We're home to handmade custom designs


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