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Winter 2018: Fireside Birthstone Stories

 Note: Download a print version of the entrance ticket and read the promotion rules and more.

 Country/Territory: South Africa

Download a print version of the entrance ticket and read the promotion rules and more.

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The Gerald Francis Winter 2018 Fireside Story Promotion.
It is a promotion that encourages you to share a story about birthstones in under 100 words. here is an example:
Please tell me why my birthstone is a part of my identity..........
Here is an illustrative answer, as an example, that is 96 words long.
One of my most cherished possessions is my birthstone ring. It brings tears of joy to me not because I think it is perfect, not because it defines who I am but because the four stones are the birthstones of each member of our family. The ring shows that we are one for all and all for each other. Yes, our birthstone ring is a part of our identity and on their wedding day my children will receive the ring that I have, which is identical to mine, as a silent reminder of who we are.
To enter, please review the blog topic on birthstones and then scroll to the bottom of the blog topic page and login to add your story about the significance of birthstones to you.
Winner:  The winner will be the entant that receives the most votes for theit short story. We will close entries on 10 May 2018 and will hold a poll / vote for ten days.
The winner will receive a 4 birthstone ring and if the winner was invited by a customer both the customer and the entrant will receive a birthstone ring.

To participate in this promotion please click on the image below to link to our App.


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