Secrets to Success
You are about to read a story about the Three Secrets that we Share; Roadmaps, Self-direction and P2P. I assume that a part of you is curious about becoming a Webo Hub owner, or you own an SME and are curious about the benefits of hub membership. The trick is to keep it simple. Simple need not be easy, but it must easily be understood.
P2P Secret Number One: Understand and Drive Towards a Mapped but Unseen Future
We help you build and drive your vision and strategy.
Absolutely, as a prospective owner of a branded Webo Hub, your focus is likely to be on the shape and form of the Webo Hub, its directory and site builders. This focus is excellent; however, it is a fraction of the value proposition. 
SME's that open their doors to our team on your Branded Hub in the Webo Academy are likely to be surprised. The first surprise is that we are not website builders; websites are a tool. 
We are digital marketing strategists, aka Spiders who "work the web." 
Webo offers tried and tested strategic frameworks that will enable your SME to grow and deliver the customer delight essential to reputation and referral marketing.
We all have the power to believe. It is at the core of our existence. 
Nurtured by our mothers, the power to believe in an unseen future directs our ideas, hopes and visions. Upon attaining adulthood, we accept the responsibility for self-directing our lives. 
Be clear that the tangible deliverable is a Hub with a DIY directory and eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing site builders with build support and coaching. Still, the intangible is the value that the Webo implementation coaching will bring to the branded community that is to be yours.
Communities need to share a vision for their future, have a strategy to achieve it, and organise the enablers of people, operations, funding, and culture integrated with a Clear Vision and Strategy.
Webo has tried and battle-tested frameworks that address every one of the people, operations, funding, culture, Vision and Strategy building blocks.
Our frameworks are what lie behind the success and uniqueness of the Webo Hub. Set in a corporate arena, it works because it steps back to the basics and allows people to become a recognised reporting entity within a high-performance team. 
Deploying a Webo Hub requires that you believe in an unseen future where your loyal online community enjoys an alternative way to visibility, engagement, and growth.
Expect to build a Roadmap to your future. This example depicts a roadmap template that is customised for individual SME needs.
As L. Peter once said; If you do not know where you are going, you will end up someplace else!
Our first key to relationship building is to take a 360-degree view and get involved in the brand purpose and growth path, aka roadmap.
That's right; the ballgame needs to move from websites to the playing field of business growth. It is about implementation and navigating while the client drives with us on the roadmap to their success.
P2P Secret Number Two: Self Direction and Teamwork
We encourage the adoption of self-direction and the principle of people working together in teams to deliver a defined vision and strategy.
Self-direction is nothing short of management and leadership. Corporate conventions often suggest that management and leadership are the preserve of the few and that the rest should follow. When underperformance takes hold, it is because of a lack of self-direction. 
People seek pride through accountability for achievement; they seek responsibility as it defines who they are, and they seek empowerment to improve continuously. Unleashing the power of bottom-up self-direction for a shared vision versus top-down direction enables so-called impossible turnarounds.
The Webo Coaching that supports SME growth will unveil the reason for Webo having earned the reputation for creating digital marketing frameworks that will give value and loyalty to your SME client or customer base. Yes, the site builders give structure to digital marketing platforms, but I and others have used the frameworks for decades to deliver so-called impossible turnarounds. 
P2P Secret Number Three: Promoting People-Centred Organisations
We will encourage SME's to not only build sites but to accept the challenge to DTHT (Double Turnover in Half the Time) by adopting and progressing a PeP (Performance enhancement Programme).
What works need not be complex; the most useful is normally the least complex. Fear not simplicity; use it to take you back to the basics. Be encouraged to believe that it's possible. 
The frameworks that I have tried, tested, and unpacked are common knowledge to the thousands who have achieved the turnarounds I have been privileged to lead. Yet, outside these circles, the frameworks are surprisingly uncommon. 
Join us in launching your branded community Hub. We'll take the baby steps from nurturing the value of every person in your SMR client organisations to laying the foundations for performance enhancement.
Be clear that the tangible deliverable is a hub with a DIY directory and site builder with build support and coaching but the intangible is the value that the Webo implementation coaching will bring to the branded community that is to be yours.
Communities need to share a vision for their future, have a strategy to achieve it, and organise the enablers of people, operations, funding, and culture integrated with a clear vision and strategy. 
Webo has tried and battle-tested frameworks that address each and every one of these building blocks. This is what lies behind the success and uniqueness of the Webo Hub. Set in a corporate arena, it works because it steps back to the basics and allows people to become a recognised reporting entity within a high-performance team. 
Two heads are better than one; it's a fact yet, all too often, we find that the adage of employing the hands and not the heads apply to underperforming businesses. 
Whilst dominance and the power to influence others are characteristics sought in the selection of a lead Alaskan sledge dog; few will agree that they uniquely describe the requirements for a sporting team's captain. Yet both lead teams. 
Would fun and games be on your checklist for improving corporate Performance? 
Productivity and fun are no strangers. 
Please close your eyes and think of a sporting team that is top of their game and let's say that you are watching the final. Now Take the 3 x 7 test!
For many, small business is complex; big business is daunting, and public sector service delivery an impossibility. 
Sign up for a Webo Hub, and we'll share how the tried and tested frameworks can deliver People Centred Performance Enhancement that makes it possible to create a workplace that offers fun, achievement and reward. 
Webo's Marketing Disruption
The disruption that Webo proposes is remarkable in that it reverses change and does so at a frightening pace.
 Let me summarise, ten years ago browsers found SME websites on the internet. Today 1.5 billion are dormant. No amount of SEO will fit all of these on the only page read; the first page.  
Webo's disruption is people-centred, it is to make it easy and rewarded for customers to grow businesses by making personal referrals via email or on their social media networks. They do so by making personal referrals to friends and business connections. Yes, it is the return of word of mouth. The difference is that social networks turbocharge it; messages can go viral to staggeringly large audiences. The ball game has returned to one on one or one to many personal referrals. All that has changed from "those days" is the playing field; the internet. The internet is here to stay and it offers social media tools.
Some say that to fully understand the Webo disruption one needs to see that B2B and B2C really are P2P. Businesses are teams of people, each with a voice, who engage with customers personally (Person-2-Person) level and get them to come on board as loyal fans, advocates, and ambassadors of the business. It is about connecting, engaging and communicating value propositions that Attract, Retain and Grow businesses.
One hundred years ago, customers grew businesses.
They did so by making Word of Mouth Proposals. Be clear; they did so in person. It was a "person-to-person" recommendation, and it worked. 
Webo's disruption is not about companies launching marketing plans. 
It is about staff and customers making personal recommendations by sharing opinions on App Communicators. Webo App Communicators promote deals to attract friends and connections. It is about Loyalty Programmes that reward customers for buying more and more often. It is about giving every SME customer in the Hub Community a Loyalty Card to access a personal online loyalty account instantly. It is also about making it easy, automated and rewarded to write reviews and share reputations and delight on referral marketing App Communicators.
In addition, it is about directing conversations to local markets with neighbourhood deal lists (aka Webo Pocket Advisors) that carry personal recommendations to be found in a neighbourhood.
It starts with self-directed people engaging as people (P2P). To do this successfully, individuals need to be responsible, empowered and accountable. 
The disruption lies in the "person-to-person" approach that delivers warm referrals to friends and connections. Webo's disruption is thus to personalise the internet.
As a seconded business executive, charged with an impossible turnaround, at the second-highest rank in Government Administration, I stared at a folder that had seventeen signatures of nameless officials who were required to sign off the request for my approval. I inquired who these people were and was told that several people could have signed off each "office". Thus, without getting signature samples, it could not be readily determined who had approved what.
Dazzled by the inefficiency, I decided to test the effectiveness and called for a sample of the people to come and see me. You guessed, they each relied on the person before them to have checked the matter, and so they just signed off to maintain the chain of command. Having them decide who was the best to make the decision, it turned out to be someone at the bottom who worked at the service point. The rest of this story, I will keep for discussion in a coaching session. 
The point of the story is that recommendations should be personal. You should know who is making the recommendation, and you should trust that person to have the skills to have taken a sound decision.  
When the author was in the process of putting this program together I was extremely fortunate to be part of his initial program. I have been through the course, I have read the book and I now live the dream......
I run a rather large business and have 4 factories and two independent warehouses under my control. When I took over the last factory it was no different from the others in terms of size, products and services. Comparing the new factory to those that I have been running for some time allowed me to see the difference and the progress that has been made under the "People Centred Performance Enhancement" (PCPE), program...
I started the PCPE program about 20 years ago, applying the simple principals of getting the people working as a team. I had to get them to the point that they could understand the need for bold changes that required them, at all levels, to self direct themselves. This was followed by an intensive training program that built both the spirit within the team as well as the confidence to allow subordinates to make decisions. They had to know their worth! It then became a "self-fulfilling prophesy". Today we do not "manage" our people, we lead them.
Alan, a great program and an even better book.
Donald Hicks.
Adverts broadcast in the press, radio or TV are generally not personal. You do not know who is making the recommendation. 
 Thus Webo's disruption is a process where delighted users are rewarded for making personal recommendations.
Have fun,
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