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We're the tipping point to the next digital marketing generation. Read more
Why Webo?
There are many website builders and many directories. In a one, to many goods or services structure, the combination of the two is what makes us unique and the synergy that it offers from social collective marketing and from mobile internet-based knowledge/content management to brand building is astounding.
B2B Hubs built by Webo:
  • Your Own Online Hub becomes the online home to your B2B community which will allow your Hub to be collectively marketed by you and by your B2B community.
  • Benefits to Customers include enhanced visibility (it’s akin to a shop in a mall that benefits from mall marketing yet retains identity independence) and access to the world’s most complete digital marketing, platform building, software bundle optimized to connect and build relationships. Read more
  • Benefits to your business include brand building: In the same way that all Facebook and Linkedin user pages are branded so too would your B2B sites be branded eg
    • ‚ÄčEnhanced referral marketing integration will make it easy for customers to grow brand awareness.  Read more
    • Marketing Your Group Loyalty Programme (including a Branded Loyalty Card) where every customer of a B2B client gets an online Loyalty Account that manages rewards and which enables points consolidation. Thus the Brand reach extends to the customers of your customers/clients. 1,000 B2B customers should market your brand to up to 30 million customers or one customer should reach up to 300 who reach 90,000 and so on. Read more
  • Advanced Site Builder functionality on the Branded Directory that enables the capability to empower B2B digital content management and online marketing including:
    • Four-channel marketing Read more: Website (with no page/content limits), Store (including product variation mgt, auctions, digital product delivery), Viral Blogs and Social Integration. Read more
    • On phone/PC Meetings Communicators: Online Meeting Rooms, Meeting Packs and video conferencing plugins for up to 1,000 people. Read more
    • Agile survey technology and data collection with dynamic next question technology. Read more
    • Three-tier next generation Reputation and Referral Marketing and Loyalty Programme Management (LPM). Read more
    • On phone/PC Link & List Communicators that enable searchable personalized mobile document libraries. Read more
Site Building Functionality - Demo Sites
• Shopping Malls
• Home Decor Store:
• Hotels & Lodges
• Jewellery & Store:
• Restaurants: Steakhouse:
• Restaurants: Seafood:
• Takeaway/Fast Food: Sushi:
• Directory:
eMarketing: Selected eBook References
• Getting The Digital Marketing Basics Right:
• Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS (It is packed with success stories):
• Reward Structuring with the Webo SaaS:


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