A Wholesalers Perspective
I am a senior executive at Wilson & Wilson Wholesale; This is the story of our journey from wholesaler to mass marketer. At WWW, we have a new strategic plan and vision. Our Shared Vision & Strategy was, until recently, not shared, but things have changed. We now see ourselves as having the collective responsibility for the future of our community; Yip, we're now a mass marketer!
We have launched a WWW Hub customised by Webo. It offers a Directory that details the value propositions of our online community. It is like a virtual “mall” on the internet. All share the exact URL location, but each has a unique URL address. The "mall" offers eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing software to attract, retain and grow customer audiences.
Wilson & Wilson Wholesale has a proud heritage and a unique identity. I like to think that it has, what I call, the three P's; Purpose, Personality and Promise. Indeed, our customers have expectations; they understand our values and how we do business.
Our Webo Hub has given us all a collective identity, and a feeling of belonging. 
Most of our clients opted-in for listing on the WWW Directory; what's not to like? We market the directory, which means that we mass market all our customers that are on it. Every customer that shares its listing also collectively markets the directory and the information, slideshows, deals, galleries, blogs, product showcases, flipbooks, accommodation or other enquiry forms, and more offered by the directory. The best is, it is another free service that we offer.
Our retail customers have faced challenges for a variety of reasons. They are primarily small to medium-sized businesses located in the surrounding neighbourhoods. A few have an eCommerce option, but their online sites have failed to attract customers in recent years. Sadly, in the main, their websites have become dormant.  
We know that having a sizable ad-spend budget works a treat as far as online visibility is concerned, but our customers have cut back in these tight times. There has always been a competitive local market. However, lower MOQs (Minimum, Order Quantities) required by Ailbaba, Aliexpress, a variety of drop-shippers and a bunch of eBay power sellers have made serious inroads into the local marketplace. The reach of Amazon, too, has dealt a blow to local traders. 
As you know, we are witnessing fast-paced lifestyle changes. Coupled with the move to working from home is a new urban mentality that has us spending more time in our local areas. The time is right for local retailers to thrive. The problem is that we have become accustomed to, what I call, target shop. We search online for availability and reviews and then take a delivered option, or we will "target shop" for an established need at the supplier that we found online. Local suppliers are not enjoying an opportunity to compete due to their lack of online visibility. Thousands of search results, keyword abuse and another billion websites in recent years mean that over 80% of all websites are dormant.
Neighbourhood marketing, collective marketing and getting one's customers to grow your business across digital platforms is the solution to website obsolescence. We asked our customers a question; does your website drive traffic to your company? We found that, if it was, it was as a result of a big ad spend budget.
As most of our customers do not have funds to spare, we researched and found an alternative way to give our brand added purpose, value and brand loyalty by deploying a Webo Hub; Directory and Site Builder.
The retailers that buy from us now make it easy for their customers to grow their businesses by being relevantly rewarded. Word of month personal referrals, aka Referral Marketing, when automated across social networks, drives audience reach to new levels.
There are many WeboSites USP's; the standout for me is that every customer of every client has an online Loyalty Account and carries a WWW "instant access" loyalty card. Wow, it's a fantastic WWW audience and brand builder.
In summary, we now offer our customers two core deliverables. 
Firstly, inclusion in our online brand building directory, a community directory with eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing site builders designed to grow SME businesses. Think LinkedIn and Facebook, where millions of users have branded online pages/sites. The directory allows us to collectively market our SME clients who are empowered to get their customers to grow their businesses via an automated outbound reputation and referral marketing programme. 
Secondly, a Wilson & Wilson online points bank where every customer of all participating SMEs can share, bank, consolidate and redeem loyalty rewards and points. Points are awarded on participating eCommerce sites and manually by appointed in-store points admin people that can award or redeem points at preferred SME vendors. 
Our offer to customer SMEs differentiates us, delivers greater SME visibility and enhances our customer relationships. 
The Directory and site builders are the most comprehensive in the World. Inclusion in the directory is optional, as is the use of the DIY site builders that enjoy Group Coaching, DIY Training Course support, Page by Page "How To Tips," weekly webinars and 24/7 FAQ Webinar/Replays.
Does it work? Simply put, our offer takes one on one aka person-to-person networking and word of mouth reputation and referral marketing, which has worked for centuries, to the next level. Marketing our community has built trust in our brand and has given our customers online visibility and a growth engine that they needed to thrive. Their success is now our success!
Warm regards
John Wilson
P.S. At Webo B2B Hubs, B2C Directories and P2P eBusiness, eCommerce & eMarketing Site Builders combine to make us the most comprehensive Directory and site builder in the World. If your website is in the 1.5 billion that do not fit on the 1st page of a search result, let us show you how your customers can build your brand and drive traffic to your site.
P.P.S.  “You guessed, I’m an Avatar Story Teller!”

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