People Centred Mindsets
As relationships, mature mindsets evolve. 
It's true whether you think of a client as one of your people or not.
 Is your approach to engagement entrepreneurial; solutions led? 
Ultimately your brand value and business success are driven by your person-to-person engagement.
Mindsets drive thinking, and thinking finds the meaning to underpin a vison guided strategy.
Vision guided strategies inspire, create and solve business and marketing challenges because they find another way. Best is, once you buy into the Vision the Strategy needs no explanation.  Technology can be complex, yet it need not be.
Why forget solutions that have been tried and tested for centuries?
The game plan behind person-to-person engagement remains. What has changed is the playing field.
But, there's a problem.
We envisioned a solution back in 2004.
And, we actioned a strategy to create a solution to internet overcrowding. The facts are:
  • Over 1.5 billion websites on the internet are dormant/inactive. Google has indexed 56.5 billion web pages.
  • There are only 200 million active websites, and even then, we generally only look at the 1st page of a search result.
  • On rare occasions, we may scrutinise a few pages.
  • The result is that without big ad budgets, websites, even those with engineered eye-candy appeal, are lost on the internet.
  • Sadly, the heydays of ten years ago, when websites drove prospects to businesses, are over.
If you think that this is an American problem, think again.
As of March 2021, the USA only represents some 8.2% of the world's online population.
It happened before; hidden markets were discovered and catapulted to astounding growth and prosperity. Principled B2B leadership led the way by creating an identity for their community, and they made the internet work better every day by establishing an online marketplace for engagement.
Webo's mission is to empower B2B businesses with an online Hub that creates a community with a sense of belonging.  Communities with a shared identity develop opportunities.
Think big; Imagine the size of your community of clients and their customers. If every client has two thousand customers, the size of your community per thousand clients is some two million people (1,000x2,000= 2,000,000).
Not quite; duplication will erode the number but suffice to say your community will saturate your market and be relevant to your desired future success.
Imagine also that the community, as a whole, carries your branded "Loyalty Card" that gives instant access to private online loyalty accounts. 
What will be the value of a community-wide loyalty programme that manages points, rewards, coupons and an exchange that allows the membership to accumulate points on everyday necessities, for exchange and redemption, on a memorable experience or luxury treat?
You guessed; I think it is priceless.
So what are the benefits?
  • Firstly, as the owner of your branded Hub, your band will elevate to the status of a "Superbrand," one that enjoys customer admiration and trust.

  • Your clients will boost their sustainability in these difficult times and will win the best of available talent to secure people-centred performance enhancement to manage the growth that is to be.

  • List your clients in your Hub's directory and collectively market your client community to the benefit of the listed businesses; their success will be your success.
As an established B2B powerhouse, your clients will take pride in being associated with your brand. A brand that offers its people the benefit of the world's most comprehensive directory site builder.
The three eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing modules offered can be deployed to fill the gaps in digital marketing strategies, to drive growth and prosperity.
Hmm, who found a massive hidden market, built a powerhouse superbrand, is admired by its marketplace and which created a unique ecosystem in which they support members, find their markets and take ownership of their collective prosperity?
Again, I suspect, you guessed; it's Alibaba who took small Chinese businesses to world markets. They have a dedicated focus on providing mentorship and collective marketing to their community that would not have been possible individually.
It's not a new idea; it is well-known that Facebook is a hub for people to connect, look and chat. LinkedIn is a hub that promotes person-to-person engagement. 
Webo is a done for you B2B Brand Building Hub with a B2C Collective Marketing Directory and Person-to-Person Relationship Building Site Builders.
Contact us to chat about launching a custom branded hub for your community that will engage and form valued and meaningful relationships with customers that will stand the test of time.
Webo Hubs offer the most comprehensive directory site builders in the world. Give them to your customers on your B2B Brand Building Hub with its B2C Collective Marketing Directory and P2P Relationship Building Site Builders.
In conclusion, Person-to-Person brand building is a win: win as it unleashes People Centred Mindsets.
Let us show you how.
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