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The Link & List COMMUNICATOR is affordable, engaging and user friendly
Webo Communicators button bookmarked on phone home screens or bookmarked on PCs bring a new dimension to relationship building via Contact Lists on Phones. Contact lists have ruled for generations & when good; they go viral! We all treasure our contacts, and the opportunity to have a good contact list in an area of interest is irresistible.
COMMUNICATOR APPs speak directly to staff, customers, suppliers and managers (your stakeholders) promoting relationships and your brand as an action orientated business. COMMUNICATOR APPs link to your content that is showcased by our page builders.
YOUR NEWSLETTERS: Perhaps you will offer a newsletter on COMMUNICATOR.
YOUR PRODUCT MANUALS: If you supply 30 mechanical products and each has a maintenance manual of some 100 pages. Then building a Communicator that links to 30 Flip Books would be very useful to your customers. They could tap to open YOUR COMMUNICATOR select the product, say it's a lawnmower and flip through the maintenance and repair manual. To do this, you would save the documents from the original format to jpg images and then load the files to the flipbooks. If there are any changes you can replace individual pages and your customers will always open the latest version.  
YOUR SEASONAL FASHION RANGES: As a boutique fashion store, you could do this with a COMMUNICATOR that presents your latest range. Your customers would always open the latest, and you could showcase specials and end of season sales as well.
The opportunities are endless.
Offering on-demand knowledge on our COMMUNICATOR mobile app is engaging, and the convenience of this information "Pull rather than Push"  marketing will inspire. Inspired  stakeholders will be empowered advocates of your business. With "on-tap" access to your well-presented material, your stakeholder community will promote your brand's reputation and drive sales.
DIY or B4U
COMMUNICATORS are affordable, engaging and they are simple to build. The page builders have "How To" tips on showcasing your content for delivery at the foot of the page builder pages. If you are short of time we will gladly quote to build and maintain your site and your COMMUNICATOR APPS.
With our COMMUNICATORS you can ensure that your content will be on-tap on the mobile handset screens or PCs of your stakeholders no matter where they may be.
The New Link & List School Communicator - Is A Game Changer
It's a simple pocket advisor that's affordable and it works!
It's a mini webpage that is shared to offer alerts and links to frequent users who need quick updates and tap to dial or e-mail links. Being web based the information is portable and is accessed by tapping a bookmarked button on your phone or PC. It's a game changer as it puts cobenience and the call to action in your hands. Its etiquette is the game changer; no more mail nor pop-ups. It's a triumph for inter personal messaging! It's about being connected versus being sent a constant stream of messages & it's affordable!
While the COMMUNICATOR is the home page it is backed up by an amazing range of content managers that will boost your relationship management like never before. Full webpage capability and cutting edge viral blogging with social media integration sets the scene. COMMUNICATORS are an option within VIP listings that offer the support content managers. COMMUNICATORS are also to be found with the Website Builders where the range of supporting content managers is truly amazing.
The COMMUNICATOR partners well with out MEETINGS COMMUNICATOR. The Meetings Communicator manages meeting packs as well as managing online and off line meeting record management with meeting presentation pages, meeting minutes pages, on record, off record and private messaging, integration with video and conference calling, voting and much more. The MEETING COMMUNICAT can deliver the meeeting pack in the run up to the meeting put all meeting documentation but a tap away. If the MEETINGS COMMUNICATOR is seen to manage the scrumdowns the LINK AND LIST COMMUNICATION manages the game when the ball is in play on and off the field. Find the MEETINGS COMMUNICATOR AT www.meetingscommunicator.com
Here are eight reasons why you will love our COMMUNICATORS.
Tap the links on the right below to open these live Alerts, Link & List Communicators (LLC).
1. Regular Users
Regular users seek specific information; news, event details, teacher contact details, who has been selected for a team etc. The Link & List Communicator’s Quick Links does this. Just tap the BUTTON on your phone!
2. Phone Friendly
Website pages are often too wide for phone handsets. The Link & List Landing page is half the page width, allows for side panel links & supports scroll down viewing.  Unlimited ALERTS, menu tabs and sub menutabs.
3. Fresh Content
The Communicator is a shared webpage that is optimised for NEWS bookmarking and auto updating. It harvests content from social media and auto updates so the whole community can be content contributing scribes. Think of it as an index pages that gets you to the candy fast!
4. Ease of Use
Tap to dial, tap to e-mail and tap to link means you need not scratch for a pen. Follow & unfollow, join and chat, plus see what others have to say. Link and share on Facebook & LinkedIn with one click; it's also links to an awesome BLOG!
5. Simple Design
The COMMUNICATOR  is a readable phone friendly page with an unlimited Menu Bar down the right hand side. You do not need to decide in advance about the areas of interest you want to follow as you just  TAP TO OPEN the pages desired. It's a case of "Pull" vs "Push."
6. Book Marking
To BOOKMARK on a PC or Phone; "Add to Bookmarks," "Add to Home Screen" or "Add to Favourites" are options that place a BUTTON on your phone. Uniform Guidelines & Year Books on flipbooks, video channels, test time tables, calendars and more are a tap away for parents and children.
7. It's a TAP Away!
The Communicator is a personal messenger that delivers quick links and lists. Just TAP TO DIAL, TAP TO LINK, TAP TO e-Mail, Tap to submit a form to the pffice. It puts all your business reference manuals and user guides on your phone.
Pull vs Push! It's there when needed and you need not scratch for a pen.
8. Pull vs Push!
It's about you driving the INFORMATION FLOW.
Push; Entails constantly sending e-mails & pop-ups.
Pull; Users open a direct line of communication. It's not invasive and it supports relationship building.
Tailpiece: You also get an online showcase for products, services or for personality profiles.

The Link and List COMMUNICATOR is an advisor, in your pocket, on your phone
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