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 Note: 10% off on Mondays.Available to Advocates and Advisors who may gift it to a friend..
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10% off on Mondays.Available to Advocates and Advisors who may gift it to a friend..

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Viral Referral Marketing
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Convenience and Ease of Use

The Webo Loyalty & Referral App puts the opportunity to share on the phones of your customers. Earning an incentive plus the gratitude of a friend is only a couple of clicks away on a PC or on the phone that is in their pocket.
Statically studies have found that between 70% and 86% will share when it is worth their while and it is easy to do. Thus:
  • For every 100 customers,
  • 70% will share with friends on say,
  • Facebook where, on average, they have 338 friends.
  • This referral will then reach: 70% x 338 people x 100 customers = 23,660 referrals in the first step.
  • In the next step the reach explodes but suffice to say that the local reach will be saturated.
  • Studies show that in seven steps of friends and connections sharing, everyone in the world on the internet will be reached.
Suffice to say that with the Webo App making it easy, you will earn your brand positive engagement and you will leverage customer advocacy to effectively accelerate growth.
Formal, Measured Multi-Channel Marketing
With the Webo LPM system your marketing strategy will boost consumer advocacy with your incentives to drive revenue growth in a measurable way. The Webo 4 Channel Marketing System with “ Channel Fusion” allows your brand to leverage multi-channel word-of-mouth advocacy. The best part is: crafting a 4 channel referral program is not complex. You can utilise the Webo SaaS on a DIY basis or on a B4U basis. In both cases there is a support service so that you can get your customers to grow your business ASAP.
The Webo App integrates Websites, APPS, Blogs and Social Media without duplication by curating content by way of links to sourse content.
According to Wharton, referral customers have a 16 percent higher lifetime value than non-referred customers.
Plus, they will love your brand because they will have a direct link from the bookmark button on their phone screens to the App. This direct link will establish and build a relationship via the App where they can add reviews, share comments with social networks, monitor #hashtag engagement, link and engage on your blog, find your specials, product lists and more. In addition, the App will build your audience via generic and social share promotions.
A recent Heinz report showed that companies with formalized referral programs experienced 86 percent more revenue growth in the last two years, compared to the rest.
The above companies exemplify how sustainable and effective refer-a-friend programs are at driving brand awareness and creating new sales opportunities from existing customers.
Many large international businesses have a marketing strategy based on Referral Marketing. But first: what is not a referral programme? A referral program is not a one-time interaction between a brand and a consumer. Nor is it marketers dangling a carrot in front of consumers, enticing them with “win big” promises. Neither is it affiliate marketing, where 3rd-party sites do the work for your marketing team and you pay them a bounty. Instead, referral programs are built upon genuinely enthusiastic, customer-get-customer interactions that equally rewards all parties involved. There is a science to making referral marketing programs succeed.

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