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The Mod Office Coupon

 Note: 20% off this month. Available to Advocates and Advisors who may gift it to a friend..
 Product Number: Level 4 Shop 410

 Country/Territory: South Africa

20% off this month. Available to Advocates and Advisors who may gift it to a friend..

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On an active mall site this page would feature detail on the business offering the coupon, voucher or event ticket.
Targeting and Incentive Currency
How can one engage customers and what’s the most compelling incentive you can offer?
There are a wide variety of possibilities including the following as potential incentives to establish and build relationships:
  • Discount: Buy More (2 for 1) Coupons, Discount (50% off) Coupons, Cash Backs, Free/Expedited Shipping
  • Educate: Workshops, Webinars, Mini-Courses, Video & Audio Presentations
  • Events: Social events, Workshops, Guest Speaker Presentations
  • Fun and Entertainment: Competitions, Lucky Draws, Giveaways, Free Gifts
  • Information: How To Guidelines, Newsletters, eBooks, Articles, Brochures, White Papers, Community WhatsGood Pages
  • Memberships: Exclusive VIP Access, VIP Memberships, Secret Menus, Free Trial Memberships
  • News: Topical Press Releases
  • Reality: Case Studies, Success Stories
  • Referrals: Comments, Reviews, Free Consultations
  • Reviews: Video Feedback, Written Opinions, Audio Podcasts
  • Simplify: Articles that summarise or which include Infographics or Graphs, Checklists, etc.
  • Surveys: Interactive Quizzes, Polls and Forms
  • Trends: Top 10 Lists, What's Good Apps, Surveys and the results thereof
You need to draw on your understanding of your customers/clients.  Only appealing offers drive shares, so select a valuable and compelling incentive specifically matched to your best customers.
More often than not the most compelling benefit will not be a financial discount.
Recognition and VIP status coupled with service benefits are normally highly desirable. Double-sided rewards that deliver equal benefits to both sender and receiver have been found more effective than single-sided rewards. User altruism and the will to improve their friend’s lives is a fundamental aspect of a compelling incentive.

The Webo LPM (Loyalty Programme) framework has a foundation of a Multi Layered Loyalty Programme. There are three loyalty status tiers that offer gated access to defined benefits. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 can be named and status can be awarded on the basis of points earned for purchases or for other defined reasons such as event particitation, etc. Points are awarded for a specified duration. The points system is simple and easily understood. In a professional environment the tiers would be used to segment clients into niche audiences. The Referral Programme to grow reputations through reviews and referrals through the sharing coupons completes the loop.
Loyalty Programme Structure: Fans, Advocates, Advisors and Promoters?
The Webo LPM (Loyalty Programme) draws a distinction between Advocates, Advisors and Ambassadors.
The primary options are:
  • Fans in a consumer environment: are those who enjoy L1, L2 or L3 status which is earned on the basis of purchases with a defined time period.
  • Fans in a professional environment; are those in niches such as corporate clients, private individuals and public sector clients.
  • B2B, B2C and B2P (Business to Public Sector) could be categories awarded with a lifetime duration.
  • Advocates: are those that share comments with friends on social networks.
  • Advisors: are those that write reviews on your App.
  • Ambassadors: are those that e-mail a Level1, Level 2, Level 3, Advocate or an Advisor incentive to a friend in return for the same incentive that was sent to the friend.
  • Reviews: add social credibility and they give others something to share.
  • Referrals: may take the form of individual incentive sharing by e-mail or by sharing comments on social networks.
  • Ambassadors: are not a defined status but rather a category of customers who have taken the option to e-mail a benefit that may be active in any status level. Ambassadors are often referred to as Promoters.

Thus those that e-mail a Level1, Level 2, Level 3, Advocate or an Advisor incentive to a friend (where this is on offer) in return for the same incentive are referred to as Ambassadors. Ambassador rewards accrue only upon the friend taking up the offer.

  • The Mall Marketing App illustrated on this demo site is based on a referral marketing campaign that collectively markets the mall and drives reviews (to boost reputations) and sharing (to boost referrals). 
  • A option to this campaign could be to introduce rewards for those that buy more and more often in the mall by allocating points to buyers online onphone.
  • Another option is to award coupons as a referral success reward where both parties (the friend and the referrer) benefit from rewards when the friend who was gifted a coupon buys.
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