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Meeting title:ALL OPTIONS Meeting

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ALL OPTIONS Meeting: Objectives, Ground Rules & Document Version Control
Meeting Wall 1

The "All Options" Meeting

Note: This is a mockup meeting with all options activated
The social media integration that is evidenced above by the like, share, follow & archive buttons are presented for illustrative purposes. Some meetings will be public meetings. The Fashion Group (our mockup company) may wish to host an online Q&A on Fashion Trends. This event could host a free conference call for up to 1,000 people and it would be promoted on the social media. For a normal board meeting, set behind password and login requirements, social media options would not be selected. All buttons and links on this page can be activated or deactivated.
Page window sliders. 
There are 6 page window sliders on this webpage.  The first two are presentation pages set up by the meetings site administrator. These would typically be loaded before the meeting. All six have vertical sliders. The one below this one has both a vertical and a horizontal slider to accommodate large maps, building plans etc.  Click the read more option and the window will pop up to a larger page with sliders. The window styled page design is so that you can position the content in any window so as to reference it to other page windows. This page may be a presentation the fourth could be the agenda, the fith the decisions and the sixth the action plan. Any window not loaded with content will not show. 
Content Communication
This Scroll Box Window is the first of two. The second is below.  They both have fixed window sizes to enable them to both be visible on the Meeting Room Wall throughout the meeting. This one has a vertical slider that allows you to scroll the text to a paragraph that may be under discussion elsewhere. It may be used for a  constitution or a legal Act. It could be used for a large table of contents so that you can position it to see where you are in the discussions on the contents listed. If no content is loaded then this window will not show.
The next Scroll Box Window is designed to accommodate large images. It too has a fixed size window but allows for the content that is visible to be moved with a vertical and a horizontal slider. It is useful for building plans, project progress charts, engineering designs, development plans or as seen below screen shots. We have listed below screen shots of the actual build pages used for this meeting.  It not loaded with content the page below too will not show on the Meeting Wall.
An Overview of the Meetings Communicator Admin Panel Options

  1. Site Administration (When you select any option the page that opens has "How To Tips" at the foot of the page.
    1. Setup: Link & List Communicator
      1. Build an unlimited number of Communicator APP's
        1. Build Meeting Packs Communicator APP's to communicate meeting prereading content to attendees.
        2. Build & Link Alerts, Links & List Communicator APP's to communicate and inform staff and customers on topics such as user manuals, frequently asked questions, image galleries of new ranges etc.
    2. Meetings: Setup Categories
      1. Organise meetings into categories such as:
      2. Public meetings (These will have full social media links and may be open to the public)
        1. Such as the Staff Care Club
        2. The Annual General Meeting etc
      3. Private Meetings
        1. Board meetings, sales meetings etc. ( Social media links will not be activated for these and access will be password protected).
    3. Meetings: Add/Manage Meetings
      1. This option allows you to setup the structure of the Meeting Wall
      2. To do this you SELECT the required options and SUBMIT.
      3. Meetings are thus QUICK BUILT.
      4. See below for more detail.
    4. Manage Followers
      1. Here you can see who is following what topics
    5. Manage Comments
      1. Download comment files for archiving with draft minutes
    6. Add to the Template Library / Manage the Templates Option
      1. Add Intro/Version control meeting wall page templates
      2. Add Agenda meeting wall page templates
      3. Add Decision meeting wall page templates
      4. Add Action Plan / Feedback Reports meeting wall page templates
      5. Add other templates eg Budget Frameworks and Marketing/ Sales Projection Templates
    7. Setup facebook/Instagram/Twitter Integration
      1. Add a username and the system will harvest images for display in pop-up galleries on the Meeting wall.
      2. Use for representatives to load images from their phones for board review etc.
      3. Presenters in remote locations can take and load images with their phones to closed group instagram or twitter accounts for instant board review.
    8. Create Linked Webpages
      1. There is no limit to the number of pages created.
      2. These are full function webpages
      3. Password access is an option.
      4. Instagram/Twitter/Facebook image harvesting is an option.
      5. Create download pages with original document hyperlinks for Meeting Packs.
      6. Add Image slide shows, rotators, alternators etc.
    9. Add Image Poll/Survey
      1. Manage/Create Image Surveys & Voting Ballets
        1. Download spreadsheets on who voted for what, for archiving with draft minutes.
    10. Add Text Poll Survey
      1. Manage / Create Text Opinion Surveys & Voting Ballets

    Add Manage Meetings. The actual page is shown in the scroll box below. In this section we will comment on the options that are presented below.
    1. Give the meeting a title, select a meeting category and enter a sequence number for the meeting.
    2. The link text and background colour allow for the styling of meeting tab links to match company colours.
    3. Activating the draft minutes download will allow the Meeting Administrator to activate the option for meeting attendees to download draft minutes when the Meeting Administrator is ready to release them.
    4. Activating the Private Messenger will offer attendees the button to open the Private Message box into which attendees can send private messages to those that have registered a chat name. Private Messages reflect at the foot of each attendee's meeting wall. Note that in the Site Admin there is no option to view private messages. These are private. Attendees may make private notes by sending private messages to themselves.
    5. Activating the Dashboard opens the option for attendees to chat off the record. The chat box does not send messages, it just records them and attributes them as being comments by the avatar name selected by an attendee. If an attendee does not register a chat name then the comments that they make will be noted as anonymous comments.
    6. If the Voting Dropdown option is activate then this dropdown will list all options available including those made by both Attendees and the Site Administrator. The next voting option in a sequence without a break in the numbers will automatically open when the previously numbered option was submitted. If the Voting Options are active then Attendees will be able to create image and text surveys during a meeting that will be be live for voting and the dispaly of results will be instant. The Site Admin is able to download a spreadsheet of who voted for what but only the result is shown in the meeting. Comments can be made by those that login to the site and they can follow the comments made by others by selecting the Follow/Unfollow option. If the Follow option is live then they will be sent an e-mail to notify them of any comments made on the meeting wall.
      1. Off The Record: Dashboard: Chatbox  &  Private Messaging
      2. On the record: Comment Sharing
    7. The attachments option allow attendees to load and download attachments during a meeting. In this way live presentations that were not included in the meeting pack can be shared.
    8. There are a set of How To Tips at the foot of a meeting page. This may not be needed for some meetings and may be made inactive.
    9. Some meetings are public and social media integration may be desired. If an attendees is logged into their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts and they select the Share option then a link to the meeting will be placed on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.
    10. The section that follows the list of radio buttons titled Facebook/Instagram Integration offers the option of placing a link to image galleries harvested from Facebook, Instagram and from Twitter. Note that the username must be a  Facebook user and not a group.
    11. Next one can appoint a Meeting Administrator.
    12. Entering the Skype username will link the button in the meeting room to this skype user. This will help Attendees to send a message to the Meeting Administrator to request that they be added to their contacts.
    13. Entering e-mail addresses in the Email and Cc Email fields will send notices to those listed each time the Meeting Site is edited. This is useful to advise attendees is a meetings structure has been altered. It is advisable to only enter these e-mail addresses once the meeting structure is finalised so as to not send a steam of e-mails during the setup of the meeting's structure.
    14. The next two CK Editors are optional and will appear in on the meeting room wall.  These add these Meeting Wall  Presentation Pages. The top one is a Vertical Slider Page and the bottom one is a Vertical & Horizontal Slider page.
    15. The attachments option allows the Site Admin to offer downloads in the meeting that have not been added to the meeting pack.
    16. The MP3 upload may be a musical meeting warm up or it may be an opening or other address by an expert presenter.
    17. Where comments are needed to be approved this option can be set here.
    18. Where a meeting's status is set to be inactive a pop-up option will allow a date and time to be set for a meeting to "Go Live."
    19. The Meta options are there for those that want to submit this information for Search Engine consideration. Where a meeting is password protected it is not available for search engine indexing and the meta data options should not be submitted.

3. Add Links to Meeting Room Wall
  1. Webpages On Site Menu Pages
  2. Load Content to Specialist Webpages
    1. Independent Webpages  (These are fully functional webpages that can display whatever is loaded) See one
    2. Scroll Box Webpages See one
    3. Pricing Webpages See one
    4. Showcase Webpages See one
    5. Managed eCommerce Classifieds Webpages ( These are unlikely to be used on a meetings site but maybe they could be used to control company uniforms or stationery. A company currency could be created "eM's" and staff could buy pens etc with an allocation of eM's online and the stationery store could deliver to the buyers desk.)
    6. Viral Blogs Flipbooks
    7. Managed eCommerce Auction Webpages ( These are unlikely to be used on a meetings site but maybe staff could bid for redundant furniture and equipment on an online managed auction open to staff only.)
    8. Specialist Image Webpages
      1. Gif Generators  You load Gif Images and export a single gif file that "plays" all the images loaded.
      2. Rotating Image Webpages See one
      3. Alternating Image Webpages See one
      4. Flash Gallery Albums See one
      5. Dual Page Galleries There can be an unlimited number of pages tat will auto advance to the next page or you can manually scroll and select one. See one
      6. Slide Shows These can display as many images as is desired ( too many will slow down the site response rate) and they can be allocated to main site pages or the code can be copied for you to paste on any other page. See the Home page.
      7. Video Galleries See one

4. Other setup options
  1. Site Music/Audio
  2. On Site Lists & Links
  3. Video Downloads
  4. PDFDownloads
  5. Forms
  6. Image Resizer

5. Add Partner Links
These are image links that can be placed at the foot of the site pages.

The Meeting Administrator
  1.  Activate Draft MinutesDownload
  2. Activate Login for Private Messages & Chat
  3. Setup Intro /Version Control Meeting Minutes Page - New or Select Template
  4. Setup Agenda Meeting Minutes Page - New or Select Template
  5. Setup Decisions Meeting Minutes Page -New or Select Template
  6. Setup Action Plan / Feedback Meeting Minutes Page - New or Select Template
  7. Take notes, update agenda, minute decisions and action plans, release draft minutes. Advise Attendees to Refresh to see Meeting Room Wall Updates

Meeting Attendees
  1. Attendance
    1. Links to the meeting wall ( virtual meeting room) can be e-mailed to guests who do not receive the Meeting Pack Communicator.
  2. Opinion Surveys and Voting
    1. Can also create opinion surveys / voting ballets in the meeting.
    2. Attendees can instantly see the poll result at that stage but they do not see who voted for what.
    3. Attendees can vote anonymously if they do not login to the site.
  3. Presentations
    1. Attendees


Meeting Wall 2



This post offers the transcript of the "About Us" overview video that is loaded to the site from the YouTube feed. It is open for comment on matters of clarification and I would welcome any suggestions or comments that you may have.
Hello, I am Alan Mackenzie the founder of Webo.
The Meetings Communicator is a Specialist Product of ours dedicated to addressing the need for online meeting packs and for online meeting support. Should either of these be needed we are the solution that you are looking for.
One of our unique features is that we have as a foundation a comprehensive WYSIWYG website builder.
  • This means that there is no coding requirement for you to be an expert online Meetings Pack Builder.
  • It also means that we specialise in content presentation. While content may be King it is the presentation thereof that gets it read and understood.
The Meetings Pack Communicator is an online bookmarklet APP.
  • Open the shared webpage URL on an Android Device with preferably Chrome, Tap "Menu" and then tap "Add to Home Screen."
  • On an IOS device, using Firefox or Safari, tap "Bookmark" and then tap "Add to Home Screen.
  • On a PC just bookmark the shared webpage.
The Meeting Pack APP is an Alerts, Link and List Communicator
  • Each time you tap the APP icon it will open the latest version of any document.
  • You can use the Communicator to hyperlink to document downloads in original format or you can link to these same documents loaded to the most suitable page builder.
Using the Meeting Pack Communicator you are assured that the content is complete and up-to-date, well presented and conveniently available on hansets and PC's.
  • There are no delivery delays and input can be immediately submitted for agenda consideration.
Once setup a virtual meeting room ensures that your meetings will be economic, effective and efficient.
On the record deliberations are typed by a meeting administrator who maintains a backoffice in support of a "Meeting Wall."
The meeting wall will allow for
  • Links to documents
  • Presentation sharing by way of in meeting file exchanges
  • Opinion sharing by way of image and text polling
  • At the core of any meeting lies collaboration and deliberation.
In support of this we offer off the record one on one private text messsaging and one to all chat
  • We also meet governance requirements for on record comments and opinions
  • Interfacing with your choice of audio and video conferencing is enabled
  • We have linked to Skype and to Free Conference Call
Why us
  • We offer unlimited pages, Unlimited Meeting Packs, Unlimited Content Communicators and unlimited Meeting Rooms which is subject to our fair usage policy
  • We expect you to have a few thousand pages
  • Our minute taking is efficient as you can use our templates or you can load your own company specific meeting format templates
  • You decide if you want to release instant draft minutes or if you want them to be released at a later date
  • Our meeting wall templates for a meeting introduction and document version control schedule, the agenda, decisions and the action plan and feedback templates are purpose built to get the job done for you
  • Customisation is encouraged and we will support this need
  • For those that want to stick to the knitting and not take up the DIY option we offer a B4U alternative
  • We do however stress that it is a time dependent decision as every step of the process is supported by a How To Tips panel at the foot of every page
There are ten steps to hosting your first meeting. These are:
  1. Appoint a Site Administrator to mange the setup options and a Meetings Administrator to type the meeting minues in the meeting room backoffice
  2. Gather Content & Build Meetings Pack APPs by linking to original format pages or to specialist Webpages
  3. Setup Meetings Categories
  4. Add Meetings & Design the Meeting Wall's Structure by selecting from the range of options
  5. Add to the Minute Pages Template Library by adding company specific meeting minute templates
  6. Add Meeting Presentation Content to Specialist Webpages and link these to the Meeting Wall Minute pages
  7. Distribute Meeting Packs with a link to the meeting wall. Our Meeting Pack APP is unique. You can detail alerts on the home screen and link to tap to dial lists of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, urls or to thousands of content pages hosted on specialist webpages.
  8. Appoint and provide login details to the Meetings Administrators to take the Meeting Minutes.
  9. Host the Meeting. Our meeting wall is also unique as it allows you to have scroll box windows open on up to six meeting minute pages at once with on and off record chat, optional social media integration, draft minute downloads, presentation sharing and opinion polling.
  10. Manage Comments, Comment Followers, Voting Detail and finalise the Draft Minutes.
Thank you for your time. You will find a transcript of this video on the BLOG at where you will find links to all the pages, the meeting pack and the meeting wall referenced in this video. I look forward to your questions on the blog.
Thank you
Some Bonus Detail:
The ten steps.
1. Appoint a Site Administrator to mange the setup options and a Meetings Administrator to type the meeting minues in the meeting room backoffice
  • Finalise Policy Guidelines
  • Create Meeting Categories
  • Finalise a Meetings Calendar
  • Appoint Meeting Attendees
2. Gather Content & Build Meetings Pack APPs by linking to original format pages or to specialist Webpages
  • Hyperlink Original Documents from a Webpage
  • Load Content to Specialist Webpages - see 6 below
  • Create Alerts, Link & List Communicator APPs
  • Define minimum document security requirements
3. Setup Meetings Categories
  • Organise meetings into categories such as:
    • Public meetings
      • Such as the Staff Car Club
      • The Annual General Meeting etc
    • Private Meetings
      • Board meetings, sales meetings, factory etc.
4. Add Meetings & Design the Meeting Wall's Structure by selecting from the range of options
  • Setup The Meeting Structure for Each Meeting
  • Select an Audio Channel, in meeting opinion surveys and doc sharing
  • Setup on record, private and off record chat and comment systems
  • Set up a meeting "Go Live" Date & Time
  • Decide on immediate or the later release of on record comments & draft minutes


5. Add to the Minute Pages Template Library by adding company specific meeting minute templates

  • Add Intro/Version control meeting wall page templates
  • Add Agenda meeting wall page templates
  • Add Decision meeting wall page templates
  • Add Action Plan / Feedback Reports meeting wall page templates
  • Add other templates eg Budget Frameworks and Marketing/ Sales Projection Templates


6. Add Meeting Presentation Content to Specialist Webpages and link these to the Meeting Wall Minute pages

  • Create download pages with original document hyperlinks for Meeting Packs
  • Add Image slide shows, rotators, alternators, image/text surveys, forms etc.
  • Setup facebook/Instagram/Twitter Integration for sharing & image harvesting
  • PDF & Video Download Register Pages
  • Add Linked webpages with password access & social media image harvesting


7. Distribute Meeting Packs with a link to the meeting wall

Our Meeting Pack APP is unique. You can detail alerts on the home screen and link to tap to dial lists of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, urls or to thousands of content pages hosted on specialist webpages.

  • Link Content to a Meeting Pack
  • e-Mail Attendees the Link to the Communicator APP
  • Notify those that have the Communicator App to Open It
  • Follow up on Meeting Pack user friendliness and assist


8. Appoint and provide login details to the Meetings Administrators to take the Meeting Minutes

  • Load Meeting Wall Links to the Meeting Pack
  • Load Other Links to the Meeting wall
  • Load Meeting Presentation pages (if any) to the meeting
  • Train the Meeting Administrator on taking Minutes or Outsource


9. Host the Meeting

Our meeting wall is also unique as it allows you to have scroll box windows open on up to six meeting minute pages at once with on and off record chat, optional social media integration, draft minute downloads, presentation sharing and opinion polling.

  • Online meetings that are not live
    • Attendees link to the meeting wall & review documentation
    • Attendees vote on all agenda items
    • Attendees can share presentations, comments, chat and private messages
    • At a given time on a given date attendees can return to review the draft minutes
  • Online real time meetings
    • Attendees link by Skype, Conferencce Call or Other
    • Opinion Surveys and Voting can be built/voted on during the meeting
    • Attendees can share presentations, comments, chat and private messages
    • Attendees can instantly see the poll result at that stage but they do not see who voted for what
    • Attendees can vote anonymously if they do not login to the site
  • Offline Meetings
    • Attendees can reference their Meeting Packs in the Meetings on hand held devices


10. Manage Comments, Comment Followers, Voting Detail and Draft Minute finalisation

  •  Here you can see who is following what topics
  • Download comment files for archiving with draft minutes
  • Download spreadsheets on who voted for what for draft minutes

Meeting Wall 3

Security Matters
The security of your data on the internet is of concern at various levels. We live in an interconnected world and the economies that we operate within depend upon the security of information and the technology that supports your security is a part of a bigger picture. The internet supports trillions of transactions and the global economy is dependent upon the security of the information on it. Can you imagine a row of clerks in a bank with sleeves rolled up manually writing up corporate cashbooks? The reality is that we have moved forward, jobs and the business process has changed. With the change has come creative new ways to build businesses and the technology that underpins the success is at risk, as has been the foundations of every econony that went before, because there are those with criminal intent who seek to hack, defraud, destroy or disrupt nations, companies and individuals. Unfortunately cybercrime has become a "team sport" and is not only conducted with fraudulent intent.
The bottom line is that if content is highly secret, then you need to keep it in a bunker and not on the internet. For other sensitive information, you need to assess the relative sensitivity of the content and the impact of the risk. There is much that can be done at various levels. For many, the likelyhood of data loss, is higher at preventable levels of data security.
Sound security practices can go a long way to protect customer data and strategic business process competitiveness.  Close your eyes and imagine the lie of your golf ball on fairway with a monkey scratching himself right next to it. Will he take the ball and what could you have done to prevent this risk? The likelyhood of loss is high however, the impact of the loss is low provided that you do not let it get to you!
What can be done?
Content Security on Portable Devices
Board and meeting packs have always been a weak link in that the chain of custody is often broken. Have your meeting papers remained in your possession in a secure location? You know that many lever arch files of sensitive information find their way to bins and public disposal sites. In short, the whole exercise of building the paper mountain and then shredding it, all too often, becomes a nightmare. Shortcuts are taken, and sensitive information is at risk.
Compare this scenario with password protected documentation on an iPad where data transfer is encrypted at the highest level. Are you likely to leave your iPad unattended in an insecure area? Will you write your password on the back of the iPad?
Ask yourself; is my iPad, phone or laptop more secure than a lever arch file? Your day-to-day diligence in maintaining custody of your phone/ tablet is likely to be higher than that for a pile of Lever Arch Files.
Content security will be greatly enhanced by ensuring that staff understand the impact that the loss of data would have and you can audit the access controls to ensure that available mechanisms such as password or biometric acess controls are in place. In addition, laptops can be secured with cable locks to desks etc.
While laptops, phones and tablets enjoy a relatively high level of importance to their owners they do get lost or stolen. When this happens access controls become important. The level of understanding on this matter tends to be higher than for physical storage media such as hard drives and USB flash drives. The latter tend to get lost more often and they tend to be set up with less access controls. You can purchase flash drives with physical combination locks on them and you can secure data on portable devices with a variety of software dedicated to his purpose including:
  • Locking files, folders & drives with the strongest 256-bit AES algorithm encryption.
  • Password locking your USB drives and CDs.
  • Maintaining log files to see if anyone has tried to access your files with a wrong password.
  • Secure deletion to ensure that deleted files cannot be recovered.
Content Security on Table Top Devices.
Again, access controls can be considered as can cables/locks be used to secure PC's to desks. Afterhours building access and exit security can assessed. 
Data Transfer
Data transfer from our servers in the USA is encrypted to the highest level available.  (MAX SSL ENCRYPTION - 256 -BIT. HASH ALGORITHM SHA - 2.  Encryption from your servers is an option open to assessment.
Everyday Hacking and Malware
e-Mail viruses and a variety of worms will compromise your systems which can be infected from data transfers from others. Entry level protection is available at free to affordable rates and neeeds to be considered.
Accidents and Disasters
What if your laptop is destroyed in a car accident, it is lost in a flood, fire or you accidentally delete files? Whilst these eventualities are not malicious they have the same consequence. Again likelyhood and impact need to be considered in assessing your level of protection needed.
Do you need to maintain all data in a cloud with nothing on your device? Will weekly off site backups reduce the risk and impact of loss to acceptable levels? 
Having secure backups is one solution is data loss. If backups are to be manually executed then staff need to be educated as the importance making backups and maintaining feedback checks can be considered to ensure that it is done.
Password Security
Strong passwords have the following characteristics:
• Have at least eight characters.
• Do not contain your user name, real name, ID number, company name, or a complete dictionary word.
• Contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols (!, @, #, $, %, etc.).
• Are not used for multiple accounts or computers.
• Keep passwords and PINs secret. Don’t disclose them to family, friends and colleagues.
• Change your passwords at regular intervals, such as every 90 days.
• Set your computer to hibernate or go into sleep mode, requiring a password to unlock it, when you step away for more than a few minutes.
Document integrity
Sending files over the internet in original format such as word, excel, powerpoint ,pages, numbers, keynote etc., means that if they end up in the hands of others either directly or indirectly from the person that you sent them to they can easily be altered to misrepresent the contents that you supplied.
The MEETING PACK COMMUNICATOR can link to an Independent Webpage where a schedule of downloads are presented of documents that are downloaded by way of hyperlinks. The data transfers to recipients will be encrypted but once received documents in original format can easily be changed. Perhaps this is what is intended where one seeks work to be done on the document. Where the integrity of the document needs to be protected a level of comfort can be obtained from sending it as a PDF document.
This however does not mean that it cannot be altered, which if the recipient has Acrobat or Photoshop, as an example, can easily be done. The loading of the document to one of our content managers means that it will be opened online and the document will not have been transferred to the recipient. It can also be put behind a password. The latter two options adds to the level of security around the integrity of the document however it remains open to abuse. Schedules, for instance, can be copied from the screen for pasting into excel.
Registered Mail?
When you send e-mail it is equivalent to unregistered mail. "You lick the stamp and hope!"  Registered mail means that you are notified of receipt. This is a mail setting that should be encouraged. An alternative is to have the recipient "collect" the files and to register the fact that it was downloaded. This is an option in the MEETING COMMUNICATOR in the video and PDF downloader. You can require that the recipient must login to download the documet and you can maintain an audit trail of who downloaded what and when.
Prevention is Better than a Cure
The addage holds good. It is easier to be prepared for what is likely than it is to fix the consequences. Understanding frequently encountered phishing and other scams, malicious e-mail spam, accessing public wi-fi and paying attention to the spelling of service providers names is important. Malicious attacks are often mounted from similarily named vendors to those that you may use.
Level One Strategy
Your assessment of likelyhood and impact will dictate but where information is sensitive you should, as a minimum:
  • Ensure that data traffic to and from your computers is encrypted
  • Backup regularily
  • Use, change and secure passwords
  • Mantain custody of portable hardware devices such as latops, flash drives and handsets.
  • Keep data off locally held hardware and secure access to offsite data.
  • Unless documents are needed to be worked on then provide read only access to off site webpages and do not send original copies.
  • Maintain a register of document downloads so that you know who has what and when it was "collected."
We offer the above for your consideration but cannot suggest that the suggestions are complete nor that they will be effective in the face of a threat that you may face.

Meeting Wall 4

Agenda Items
1 The venue for the 2018 annual conference is now short listed to be held at the Durban ICC, Cape Town ICC or the Sandton ICC.
Once reviewed please cast a vote for your prefered venue.
This option illustrates the webpage gallery.
It offers a header image within an automated slideshow with a full webpage editor below every image. Illustrates is an image at the top and a YouTube video below. The bottom webpage is not restricted and may contain images, flash, video, tables, budgets or whatever is required. Wepage gallerieare linked to categories and the number of categories and webpages is not restricted.
The Bridal Department would like to canvass your opinion. Please review the short listed options and then vote for your preferred option.  Click to enlarge an image and drag to reposition. Use the side arrow keys for the next /prev image.
This option illustrates a flash gallery.
These are created as separate galleries that can be listed on an index page with other galleries. There can be more index pages.
The top selling eCommerce dresses are shown here.
This option illustrates an image rotator.
Our new range of Spring Fashion options includes the following lines. Use the next previous buttons at the base of the page to view the next/prev image. Click on an image to return to this page.
This option illustrates the image alternator.
Three candidates will present themselves to be interviewed for the position of GM of the Cresta Store. Please assess each candidate and be prepared to deliberate the appointment of one person against the criteria set out in the following job assessment calculator.
This option illustrates a possible use for the quick Quote/Pricing Calculator.
Please review the following brochure.  It is a portrait document that one can load as jpg images to a flip book after saving a word document as images. Powerpoint slides too can be saved as images for loading to a landscape format flip book.
This option illustrates the use of flipbooks. Flipbooks are useful  for browsing an unlimited number of pages. Magazines of over 200 pages display seamlessly.

Meeting Wall 5

Proposed by:  Name                              Seconded by:  Name
Decision References: A - Poll Vote   B - Show of hands   C - To be Held Over  D- Matter Arising



Meeting Wall 6


Action Plan Title:                               Date:                                               
Please note: There are 2 rows to each task. The headings below relate to the tasks that follow
Task No. & Who will do it?
Due by When?
Task Description
Objective & Why Needed?
Critical Resources Needed & Challenges Anticipated
Task 1:
Critical matters:
Task 2:
Critical matters:
Task 3:
Critical matters:
Task 4:
Critical matters:
Task 5:
Critical matters:  
Task 6:
Critical matters: 
Task 7:
Critical matters:
Task 8:
Critical matters:
Task 9:
Critical matters:
Task 10:
Critical matters:
Task 11:
Critical matters:   
Task 12:
Critical matters:  
Task 13:
Critical matters:
Task 14:
Critical matters:
Task 15:
Critical matters:
Task 16:
Critical matters:
Task 17:
Critical matters:  
Task 18:
Critical matters:
Task 19:
Critical matters:
Task 20:
Critical matters:
Task 21:
Critical matters:
Task 22:
Critical matters:
Task 23:
Critical matters:
Task 24:
Critical matters:
Task 25:
Critical matters:



Voting Options
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Setup an Image Vote
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Quickstart Guide:
  1. There are a variety of options available to manage online meetings. We support:
    1. Facilitated online meetings where notes and minutes display on the meeting wall on the screen of your PC or iPad, Tablet or phone.
    2. Online meeting pack content for face to face off line meetings.
    3. Survey rooms for the gathering of opinions by way of online survey forms.
    4. In that a meeting may be called for many reasons so to our system may be used for many purposes including:
      1. Corporate Board Meetings
      2. Corporate operations meetings.
      3. Inter-school teacher conferencing.
      4. Q&A meetings for thousands of attendees.
      5. Online e-Learning classroom lessons that may be live or off-line.
      6. etc
  2. As a quick start guide you may be invited to join an online video or audio conference call.
    1. The choice of online conferencing sytem is yours and it operates independently of our meetings communicator.
    2. We support the online conference by offering a back office function for a meeting administrator to capture nates and minutes for display on the meeting wall that you are now reading.
    3. We also support online text messaging options as follows:
      1. Off the record
        1. The Dashborad offers a chatbox where you can offer comments that are open for all with authorised access to this meeting room to see.
          1. Chatbox comments are immediately posted in the chatbox.
          2. Chatbox comments may be from a registered username that you register above or
          3. If you do not register a username, your comments will be presented in the chatbox as being from an anonymous source.
          4. They are off the record in that they are not automatically available as a download that can be saved.
          5. The Meeting Admin or the meeting members may make a separate record of your chatbox comments.
        2. The Private messenger.
          1. Private messages are immediately posted in the receivers private message box.
          2. Private messages are private!
          3. They are not available to anyone else.
          4. No administrator has access to them and they are private to the sender and receiver.
      2. On the record
          1. All comments may be suppressed until approved if the Site Administrator has activated this setup option.
          2. If approval is not required, then all comments are immediately available.
          3. All comments are on the record in that they are available to all with authorised access to the meeting room.
          4. The Site Administrator can download a file that may be included with the records of the meeting.
Tips on effective meeting procedures:
  1. Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order : Parliamentry Procedure is recommended for Video Conferenced Meetings.
Video Conferencing options:
There are a variety of options;
  1. Skype works well for small numbers of people.
    1. You can share a group call with up to 25 people (24 plus yourself) if they are registered Skype users. It's completely free.
    2. Skype is available for smart phones and for PCs. To get Skype Click Here.
  2. For larger numbers of people we recommend FreeConferenceCall.Com
    1. Why? 
      1. It's free and it works!
      2. Recording with playback.
      3. Manage from a Meeting Wall. 
      4. Integrate with Google Calendar & Outlook.
      5. Audio Keyword Search.
      6. Screen Sharing.
      7. Up to 1,000 participants.
    2. Find it in the App Store for iPhones & iPads and in the Play Store for Android Phones and Tablets.

Meeting Documentation & Format:


  1. The Meeting Document Pack, Links and Presentation Material
    1. Links
      1. The links, if setup, appear at the top of the page as pictured in the above example. Each link may have sub-links and there is no limot to the number of links or sub-links.
        1. Links could be to powerpoint or word documents that are presented as flipbooks in horizontal or vertical page formats.
        2. They could link to image galleries or to video galleries, pricing calculator pages.
        3. Libraries of feedback reports, product or service showcases or to online eCommerce stores, auction pages or to downloadable digital document delivery pages the full list of available content managers is huge. It is in this aspect that we pride ourselves of being a step ahead. Document presentation is critical to decision making as it gets to the heart of matters, fast.
    2. Page panel sliders
      1. Two panel sliders are availabe to the Site Admin to present content.
      2. The first is a vertical slider and the second is a vertical and horizontal slider.
      3. The content is viewed within fixed panels by scrolling the content with the sliders. This allows support material to be positioned on your screen so as to be visible during deliberations on that matter.
  2. Social Media
    1. Meetings open to the public are able to be shared on Facebook and on Twitter.
    2. Tapping the Share button will place a link on your page and share it with your friends or connections on Facebook or Linkedin.
    3. The Twitter Archive shows the history of Tweets.
    4. These plug-ins and feeds enable content to go viral.
  3. Draft Minutes and Meeting Notes
    1. There is a back office to this online meeting that is managed by a Meeting Administrator who may or may not release draft minutes for download.
      1. Meeting Notes and Minutes are typed by a meeting administrator who has acces to an administration panel to activate and deactivate functionality.
      2. The minutes are presented on a wall in the meeting room that takes the form of your phone, iPad, Tablet or PC screen.
      3. The Meeting Administrator will notify you when to refresh your screen to see what has been noted or written up into a suite of four pages that the Meeting Admin manages.
  4. Private Messenger
    1. Clicking on the Private Messenger Button will pop up a chat box.
    2. If you are registered (you do this by selecting the button to do so) and have entered a username then you can address private messages to others that are registered.
    3. You cannot receive private messages unless you have registered a username.
    4. If you send private messages without being registered then your messages will be sent from an anonymous source.
    5. You can send the Meeting Admin who is managing the meeting wall in the back office private messages.
    6. NOBODY has acess to your private messages.
    7. Other than the sender and the receiver the private messages are private. Admin has no access to them.
  5. Dashboad
    1. If you activate your Dashboard then a chat box will open.
    2. This is a running text chat that will show your comments and your username.
    3. If you have not registered then your chat will be from an anonymous source.
  6. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Image Galleries.
    1. If setup, these radio buttons will open these image galleries.
    2. They may be used where managers take and load images of factory machinery, products in the market place, etc, for discussion in the meeting.
  7. Voting Options
    1. During a meeting you may wish to canvass opinion and you can do so my creating a text or image poll to a question with optional text or image answer options.
    2. There is no limit to the number of optional answers.
    3. Before adding a poll please take a note of the sequence numbers of poll questions that are already loaded.
  8. Multiple Question Poll Surveys.
    1. You may wish to canvass opinion by way of a multiple question survey.
    2. As an example your survey may have 50 questions where each question has multiple optional answers.
    3. You can create a poll survey by entering the questions in your survey in a strict cronological sequence order.
    4. In this case when a person has opened and has submitted an answer to a question numbered say, no. 100 then, once an answer is submitted, the next question will pop-up and this will continue until there is a break in the sequence number series.
  9. Meeting Room Presentations and Reports Presented by Members
    1. These are accomodated by way of the member adding attachments which may be downloaded by others.
    1. Unlike Private Messages the comments made are on the record.
    2. You may be required to register to comment and your comments will be able to be exported by the Site Admin toi be saved with the minutes.
    3. The site admin may also require that comments need to be approved before they are shown in the meeting room.
  11. Follow / Unfollow
    1. You may select the option to follow a meeting and if you do this then you will be sent an e-mail when comments are added to a meeting.
    2. You will not be sent an e-mail if the Meeting Admin records notes or makes minutes from comments, audio and chat box discussions.
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