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  • Has the foot traffic to your business dried up?
    • If so, it's time to go online.
    • Build an Online Shop and trade from home.
  • Have you been required to work remotely from home?
    • Globally “remote work/work from home” policies skyrocket!
    • Success depends on digital communication technology.
    • Be a success by maintaining visibility.
    • Build an online meeting room with online/on-phone meeting packs & video conferencing
    • Build a Blog and get the conversation growing with guest bloggers.
    • Build a website and get eyeballs to your info.
  • Out of sight need not be out of mind
    • Get your customers to grow your business and enter the challenge to double turnover in half the time.



  • This offer covers all you will need for your business and staff to work remotely:

  • e-Business software (Communication software; websites, communicator apps & social media integration),

  • eCommerce software (online trading software with payment and delivery tracking etc),

  • eMarketing software (Coupon marketing, Loyalty Marketing with online accounts for every customer and Reputation & Referral Growth campaigns )

  • plus all the eMeeting software 

  • It is a complete digital marketing platform and best is it is all totally free for 60 days.

  • Included is coaching by the Webo Academy. The software is click built so if you can manage e-mail and social media pages you can drive your business to double turnover in half the time and we will coach you to success - all free for 60days.

  • Thereafter all charges have been discounted by 60 % - It's affordably brilliant as you will have it working for you long before the 60 days expires.


SME Package Deal - It's time to thrive!
                 Get All Options with online support - Free for 60 days with Promo Code Free4Sixty
Do you want to be a hidden cog in an organisation or do you want to shine at work? In years gone by, authoritarian managers in big businesses and government administration were not uncommon. Simply put, bosses did not work; they managed. Workers were supervised, and clock watching was the norm. People were inputs, and their contribution was regulated or controlled. In this era, working from home meant that managers could not manage as there was no worker visibility.
There is a bigger picture; it's about inputs, outputs, impact and outcomes. Corporate culture has to shift from managing inputs (time) to recognising outputs, impact and outcomes (achievement) and employees need to move from being supervised to self-direction. Managers need to take on the role of coaches, and when this scenario exists, the corporate culture will ensure that a remote workforce will thrive.
Our eBook, published in over a hundred countries, will show you how so-called "impossible" turnarounds were achieved. Sign-up and show-up in the Webo Academy's virtual meeting rooms and we will show you how business, no matter the size can benefit enormously from improved effectiveness.
Given an enabling culture Webo's eMeetings SaaS; online meeting rooms, group project offices, individual virtual offices, video conferencing and online meeting/communication packs will take the business to the next level.
Success lies in a shift in culture and corporate culture, but doing so will fire job satisfaction and open a window to global talent.

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  • Would you like to know more about us and what we offer to our various target markets from start-up SME coaching to establishing Corporate Communities? 
  • If so, the video below will give you a complete overview of what your expectations should be.
  • If you are looking for a quick built five-minute website that you want to use to communicate a message to a defined audience the Webo SaaS will do this for you.
  • If you are serious about building customer relationships that will result in the automation of your customers growing your business for you, you are at the right place and we will coach you to success.
  • The video below is 23 minutes - so, get the popcorn and remember that you can do it, there's no coding as it is what we call; click built.
Hub & Community Directories with Site Builders Master Class

This video is an edited webinar on the above topic. Webo Hubs, Community Directories with site builders are designed to create communities that collectively market their presence and which get customers to grow the businesses within the collective community. Instead of attracting traffic to a website, Webo makes it easy and rewarded for customers to grow the business. It is a form of outbound marketing. Reputations and referrals from a friend or a business colleague have always grown businesses, and this historical fact holds true today. Webo has modernised the concept by taking it online where the power of social media lies in the ability to connect and share with hundreds of friends and business colleagues with ease. See the Latest FREE TRIAL offer at

Posted by Webo Digital on Wednesday, 1 April 2020

In a years time you will look back on today and reflect that:

When Social Media "came" there was a huge shift in the way we communicated.

When Corona "came" there was a huge shift in the way we did business.

Yip, it's time to go online!

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