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The objective is to deliver meeting pre-reading material before the meeting.

Timeliness is important. A day saved in delivery time is an extra preparation day gained.

Meeting Attendees add the Meeting Pack App as a button on the screens of their phones, ipads or tablets and they bookmark it on PC's.

A Communicator is what we call a one click, content communicator. When they tap an option the document opens.

You can update communicators for new meetings or you can create new communicators for each meeting. Links can be added in virtual meeting rooms to meeting pack documents. Meeting rooms too can be updated or new meeting rooms can be added for each meeting.

Firms that offer services are knowledge based and a blog is ideal to showcase the application of your knowledge in a way that grows a conversation and which builds relationships.

In this example the communicator lists blog topics relating to making money online. Tap the topic and the blog page is opened where you can add your comments.

When you sign up for a Meetings Communicator you will get a site that has identical functionality to this site.

We believe that you will be able to build and manage your own meetings communicator site however should time not permit we can do it for you.

We offer business opprtunities to legal and accounting firms, professional partnerships and to work from home individuals who offer their services to manage our meetings communicators.

Companies that sell products tend to have hundreds of product manuals that many customers throw away with the box! Come the day that the product needs servicing or repair the manual will be needed.
You could add all the manuals to flipbooks and link them to a product communicator where products are listed in categories. Scroll the list on a phone and tap an option to open the manual. Certainly, the ease of access will be appreciated as will the ready availability.
In this example we have listed a Corporate Performance Enhancement eBook in chapters. Tap a Chapter Heading and a flipbook will open. There is a one page summary to this programme that is in use in a few countries. You can link and read the reviews on Amazon.

Our COMMUNICATORS partner each other. There are two types of content communicators. Meeting Pack Communicators and the Alerts, Links and Lists Communicators. The one delivers meeting prereading content and the other delivers content to inform uers on the subject matter that is linked or listed. The PcPe Communicator may be an Agenda Item but it may also be an operations manual for an aircraft that aircraft owners tap to open. Site Owners can create as any COMMUNICATORS as they need to deliver Meeting Packs or to deliver other content to staff and customers.
The LINK & LIST COMMUNICATOR partners well with ouR MEETINGS COMMUNICATOR. The Meetings Communicator manages meeting packs as well as managing online and off line meeting record management with meeting presentation pages, meeting minutes pages, on record, off record and private messaging, integration with video and conference calling, voting and much more. The ALERTS, LINK & LIST COMMUNICATOR can deliver the meeeting pack in the run up to the meeting and it can put all meeting documentation but a tap away. If the MEETINGS COMMUNICATOR is seen to manage the scrumdowns the ALERTS, LINK AND LIST COMMUNICATION manages the game when the ball is in play on and off the field.
The ALERTS, LINK & LIST COMMUNICATOR is a part of the functionality provided with the MEETINGS COMMUNICATOR.
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