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How To Tutorials: Getting Started: Sign-up and Registration

Meeting Participants REGISTRATION and LOGIN
  • Site LOGIN is essential for meeting participants who wish to register formal comments.
  • We have a meetings dashboard, in the online meeting rooms, for on and off record chat however the SA Companies Act requires Directors to register views on certain meeting agenda matters.
    • For this purpose we requre REGISTRATION and LOGIN on the Meetings Site so that your comments can be recorded as yours.
  • The Dashboard chat option for on and off the record chat is informal and comments are not noted by the system for the formal meeting minutes.
  • Meeting Participants with approved password access need not register to browse and to offer on or off the records chat comments.
  • To offer On the Record comments registration is required. To register and select Option 1.
  • Registered meeting participants can login at:
    • www.webo.directory home page - this is needed for sites that elect to not have a login side panel on their site.
    • on the sites with login panels - the login panels are the same as those pictured below.
    • meeting rooms - if you try to add a formal comment and you have not logged in then you will be requested to login in or to register and login.
Meetings Site Owner Registration an Login
Set out below is the Registration Procedure to obtain your own Meetings Site.
On this site you can set up as many meetings as is required, each with their own online meeting pack app and meeting room.



The Meetings Communicator and the Meetings Manager are products within the Webo Site Builder. This fact makes us unique. Not only can we host meeting packs but we have a compete suite of page builders that will present your content to their best advantage. Commence with an online site to host your pages that are delivered by the Alerts, Links and Lists Communicator.
Once delivered a Live Meeting Pack can be updated for edits, deletions and additions and these will be instantly available to attendees the next time that they open their Meeting Packs online. Online "paperless" Meeting Packs offer portability between home, office and travel destinations. Attendees are more likely to be fully informed for their participation in the meeting.
The meeting may be online, in a virtual meeting room, or it may be a face to face scrumdown with a live meeting wall "on screen" that hosts private messaging, off the record chat and on record comments. In an offline, virtual or mixed meeting the opportunity for video conferencing gives "face to face" engagement even if a person is not physically present.
This “How To” Forum is drawn from sections of the Webo Manual that is broken up into How To pages at the foot of each page within the site builder. In addition, it may cover additional material and or more in depth explanations that will be offered in response to user requests. It is to this end that this How To manual is hosted on a blog.
The How To forum has been written for the novice internet user. It is the layman’s guide to using the Webo Site Builder to build Meeting Packs and to manage virtual meetings online. That said, a basic knowledge of how to use a computer and navigate the internet is required to competently build meeting communicators. If you can send an email with attachments & read the news on your favorite internet website you should manage just fine.
The tutorials that follow look at sections of the Site Builder in isolation but do build on each other as they progress. In later sections of these tutorials it is assumed that the user is a Registered Site Builder. If you have not logged in and try to access the Members’ Portal, you will be prompted to login. We trust that you will find the tutorials easy to use and quick to reference. Should you have any difficulties at any point please do not hesitate to contact us at support@webo.directory
We are here to get your business growing.

How to Register

To register, navigate to the Webo Directory & Site Builder  www.webo.directory in your internet browser. On the Webo homepage, click on the " Register to Add Comments & to Build Sites" button. This will take you to the Registration webpage.
Select Option 4 to register as a Site Builder with the options needed for Meetings site building.
Above is a cropped section of the Registration page.
FIll your information in to the required fields (marked by *) on the Registration webpage. If you do not have an email address, click on the link “Click here to get a Free Google Email Address” this will redirect you to the Gmail sign up page where you can register for a Gmail email address. The username must be one word. Note that the username becomes a part of your folder URL (website address) which will be www.webo.directory/username/   Should you wish someone else to manage any "contact us" e-mail traffic then it is a good idea to register a separate gmail e-mail address to use for the site's incomming e-mail.  The e-mail address and the username are database pivots and cannot be changed. The rest of the registration data can be edited.
To upload a Company Logo, click on the Choose File button.   This will bring up a window in your internet browser that will allow you to navigate to an image on your computer’s hard drive. Click Choose once the image has been selected. Webo supports images using the JPEG, GIF or PNG compression, as denoted by the file extension .jpg, .gif or .png. The company logo should be between 75x75 pixels and 1,000x1,000 pixels in diameter. You can establish the image size by right clicking on the image on your computer, selecting Properties and selecting the Details tab, the dimensions will display under the Image sub-title. Alternatively, if using a Mac, right click the image on your computer, select Get Info and the dimensions will display under the More Info sub-title.
The Word/Image Captcha Verification is a safety check to ensure that a human and not a robot is registering. If you cannot make out the pictures, please click on the Refresh link & a new picture will be displayed.
Please check the Terms & Conditions checkbox to agree to the Webo Running Rules. It is required that all Registered Site Builders agree to Webo’s Running Rules. The Running Rules can be viewed at the following webpage, www.webo.directory/rules.php. Alternatively, click on the Running Rules link in the footer of any Webo webpage. If you do not agree with the Webo Running Rules, please do not register.
Lastly you may subscribe for the Webo Email or SMS Service by checking the appropriate checkbox.
Click the Register Now button  to submit your registration form. If a mistake has been made in the filling out of the form, a window will pop up in your browser explaining the mistake & the required correction.
If the form has been filled out correctly a new Registration webpage will appear will the following message: Your membership will be approved once you have verified your email address. Please check the inbox of the email address you used to complete your membership application for your email verification message.
An email will be sent to your registered email address with the following subject: Webo - Account Verification. Please click on the activation link within the body of the email. This will verify your email address, complete the registration process and open the Webo Members’ Portal in your internet browser. Another email will be sent to your registered email address with the following subject: Webo - Account activated. The email will contain your registered email & password. As explained above the e-mail and username cannot be changed as they are the defining links to your content in the databases. 
The rest of the information entered during the registration process can be changed in the Edit Account section of the Members’ Portal at any point in the future.

Where to Login

You can login on the Webo Directory HOME Page or you can login on your site's home page. The Home Page address for your site is www.webo.directory/username/    Your site will not display properly until a template is selected by you. Should your site not open properly please contact us to get you going.

The Members’ Portal

The Members’ Portal is the control panel from which Site Builders can manage their Webo accounts.  It is here where you can track order, manage a site, manage your blog or Communicators.
Accessing the Members’ Portal
To access the Members’ Portal, click on the Members’ Portal link in the top navigation bar.  You will be asked to login at this point. If you are a Registered Site Builder please enter your login details in the appropriate login section (top left side panel.) If you are not a registered member of Webo please register by clicking on the Register Now Option on the HOME page of www.webo.directory  or on your site, see above.
After clicking on Members' Portal, the Site Builder's Admin page opens and it offers, in the right hand side panel, all the site building options. If you select any of the options, you will find How To Tips, at the foot of the page.

Renew Membership

After opening your Members' Portal the top section is MY ACCOUNT. Here you will find the option to renew your membership. Select this option to open a page of packages. At the top of the Renew Membership page is a history of your memberships. Displaying the type of membership, when it was activated and when it expires.
To purchase a membership click on the Click here to view the Memberships Offered link. Select a membership by clicking on either the membership name or its respective icon.    This will take you to the Membership Payment page. Select a payment option and follow the respective checkout process to complete the purchase of your Webo Site Builders' membership.

Alan Mackenzie, B Acc, B Com (Hons) IT, CA (SA)
Mobile: +27 71 50 71 400   e-Mail: alan@webo.directory
Directory: www.webo.directory   
Meetings Communicator: www.MeetingsCommunicator.com
School Communicator: www.DemoSchool.webo.directory
Link & List Communicators: www.LLC.webo.directory
Bus Opp: www.eafrica.info               Find me on LinkedIn





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