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Meeting Pack App eg 4: Linking & Listing Blog Topics: The 3e\'s To Making Money Online

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Our blogger is the founder of the Webo and eAfrica Group that has over the past ten years built the site builders that are the foundations to our COMMUNICATORS. Communication is critically important to success in many fields. The ebook; People Centred Performance Enhancement takes the form of ebook chapters. The ebook is delivered on a COMMUNICATOR offering tap to open flipbook ebook content. In this blog we illustrate an alternative approach to getting the message accross. Here Alan has presented the content as blog topics that are open for debate. Corporate performance is a field of study that is less dynamic than online marketing. Daily, if not hourly the Internet changes and so you are invited to comment and share your views on what works on this blog. Again, the objective is to illustrate the functionality of a COMMUNICATOR. Absolutely, it delivers MEETING PACKS but it also has a role to play in communication content with your staff and customers.  

Alan is a Chartered Accountant with degrees in Accountancy and Information Technology. During his career, he has been an Associate Professor of Financial Management and Information Technology, the CEO of a National NGO, The Managing Director of International Companies and start-ups. He has also had experience in the public sector as a CFO/Deputy Director General of the Department of Justice in South Africa. His career has seen him develop a corporate turnaround framework that has achieved turnarounds in small to major national entities that many thought would be impossible. This framework is captured in his book; People Centred Performance Enhancement. It is available from all the major online booksellers such as Amazon
Over the last decade, he has chewed on the idea of localising the Internet so as to use it as a base to collectively market targeted topics to target audiences. On giving it boundaries and a neighbourly identity. His deliberations resulted in the first integrated directory and site builder in the world which supports the delivery of COMMUNICATORS. It has opened the way for a range of business opportunities in the English-speaking countries around the world. The concept is this. Communicate useful content to a defined audience on a COMMUNICATOR APP and it will go viral to the defined audience. COMMUNICATORS may deliver links on content that forms the basis of a MEETING PACK. The communicator may also inform on a list of neighbourhood suppliers, a trade show, a shopping mall, what to do with your leisure time, a wedding planner's elist etc. Communicators are, essentially, well researched contact lists with alerts, lists and links for phones and PC's.
The methodology to making money online combines the power of e-Business, e-Marketing and e-Commerce (the 3e’s) to successfully make money online. Each of the 3e’s are mature industries. Bringing them together unleashes synergies that will reward those prepared to take action as he says, it is  “Time to Go Online.”

For years, Alan mulled on the flip side of the Internet being a world wide web and on how the playing field could be levelled so as to enable neighbourhood and work from home businesses to effectively compete with international enterprises.” Alan suggests that we can participate in the change that is to be but stop it we cannot. He says:“ ...that local business, built on solid foundations, is now increasingly becoming surrounded by businesses on the Internet. They fill the space right into a local home or shop where customers can compare goods and services with Internet-based businesses on their phones. We all know this, but this fact can be turned to our advantage as we can run money making online businesses from home or any exotic destination and earn dollars or any other currency we care to trade in.
Some local businesses will survive without going online because of customer loyalty and some will retain an edge because the acquisition of their goods and services benefits from “touch and feel decision making.” For the rest, he says “It’s time to go online.”

This blog offers a forum for discussion on COMMUNICATORS and it is a guideline to assist you to start your online business. Also, Alan will discuss the importance of determining the target audiences that your websites seek to address and how one should give focus to the communication strategies that are implemented.

Read more about Alan on LinkedIn. 

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