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3 e\'s: Why follow this blog topic about e-Business, e-Commerce & e-Marketing?

Introduction and what's in it for you?

In reality, participating in this discussion is not free. It is going to cost you the time taken to read it. I see it as a win-win for us both. We know, as predicted by Bill Gates, in 1996, that “Content is King,”  but are you aware that presentation is Queen? Besides, while quenching your thirst you will have to be aware of the source of the "water" that feeds your thirst for "profit!"

What we will each get out of you investing your time in the read, is as follows:

  • You will be introduced to opinions and knowledge and
  • We will explore online business opportunities.
  •  You may share any of the blog threads/topics on Facebook with your friends and on Linked In with your business connections. To do this, please ensure that you are logged in to your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and then select the share option at the top of any thread page.
Your views and suggestions are encouraged. Investing your time will provide you with a return in the form of the results that your current online business or a new start-up will generate for you.
Some of the questions that will be addressed include:
  • Should you start an online business for a product or service that you are passionate about?
  • What are the information needs and desires of an existing customer base versus those of Internet browsers new to your business?
  • The role of local directories in your quest to be found on the internet.

e-Business, e-Commerce & e-Marketing

In many parts of the world, consumers have come to accept the Internet as a part of their daily lives. Year on year, the reach of the Internet expands. Consumers access the Internet on PC’s, iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones and on Smart Watches.  This fact is common knowledge. What is uncommon is the reverse logic interpretation that one can live anywhere and target any marketplace selected in the world and earn income in any selected currency from the targeted marketplaces. In short, you can buy from anywhere, and you can sell from anywhere.  We now live in a world of choice. Where you live, where you trade and the hours of business that you devote to your 24/7 online business are now a matter of choice.
Estimating the size of the Internet is an inexact science. One might measure it in terms of the number of websites, the overall file storage size, user traffic, search traffic and more. There is some agreement on estimates of 180 million websites added by the end of 2011 and another 340 million added in the three years to the end of 2014.  What we all agree upon is that every year the number of websites added exceeds that of the year before and that growth is exponential.

Google searches are close to 6 billion a day and every day 16 years worth of video is added to YouTube. Being offered over 100,000 search results in response to a Google search query is becoming the norm. What is clear is that the Internet is huge, that it is growing and that it will continue to influence the lives of consumers and to offer an opportunity to businesses that do not become lost in the vast expanse of the global, world wide web.
The Internet has changed our lives but have you got it to work for you yet?
Of paramount importance to achieving success online is the user experience.  In the modern world, time is of the essence and consumers seek quick, comprehensive and accurate information and quick and easy shopping experiences. It matters not whether buyers are online or offline, they seek value to achieve satisfaction.
When you go to your local mall to shop the big retail chain stores, you are likely to evaluate the merchandise available. If you took a coffee break, and you went online, on your tablet, you could browse the same stores and compare the items with other similar large retail outlets. These chains buy wholesale and sell retail; both online and offline.
There was a time when blacksmiths who forged better swords were in demand and those with fewer skills shoed horses. The quest for land ownership and the life of a land-owning farmer opened many a new world. There was a time when working was for the poor and a time when being a professional was the ultimate career. Then came the dot.com era when ideas created untold wealth. There was a time where employment offered job security and when business ownership offered opportunity.

 New era trends; I believe that:
  • Jobs in the trades (construction and services to homeowners) and professions (legal, accounting, auditing, health and medical, weight loss and software development) will endure.
  • Business ownership both online and offline will also endure but that there will be an explosion of small business as the internet moves to user saturation.
  • That performance-based, variable remuneration in employment and the provision of goods and services will increasingly attract both supply and demand.
  • The invasion of neighbourhood business marketplaces by remote internet based businesses will be driven by the expansion of online home based business enterprises.
  • Globally online businesses will compete for eyeballs and internet marketing will be the next new era vocation.  
  • Universities (education) and colleges (training) currently lag the need for skills in the marketplace but soon the penny will drop for them, and they will increasingly equip entrepreneurs with online marketing skills.
  • Growth in the use of network marketing principles will drive small business expansion and global job creation as it “feeds traffic” into the sales funnel of an online entity.
  • “About Us” picture book websites will give way to dynamic, interactive blogs, product showcases and mobile phone friendly e-commerce online shopping.
  • The next big legal consultancy topic will relate to the determination of the source/s of income. Driven by an increasing multinational awareness of the relevance of this matter to the collection of both income and value added taxes online traders will need to exercise due care in the planning of how and where profit is generated.

The objectives of this blog topic include:
• Enabling you to create a start-up business from scratch, go online and compete.
• Showing you that you need to create a blog for user dialogue and commentary.
• That you need to add an online shop or product showcase for your products and services and that you need to make an actionable offer to
purchase that feeds the appetite of online shoppers.
• That you need to ensure that your online products and services are reviewed and that your offerings are independently rated.
• Convincing you that your online content needs to be a draw card.

Last but not least , an objective is to show that you can use our COMMUNICATORS to deliver your content to your target audiences. Remember, if the content is good your COMMUNICATORS will go viral. There are no half measures. As a test survey 5 women on five days and if all want your COMMUNICATOR APP on their phones then rest assured, your content is KING!

In my next post, I will ask you to "Take a Test." Relax, you will enjoy every online moment!
I hope that I have nudged you to reflect upon your plan to go online. If so, please share the link to this topic with your friends on Facebook and with your Business Connections on LinkedIn. To do this log into your preferred social media account and then click the share option at the top of this page.


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