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Content Presentation: The Linked Webpage Option

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Content Presentation Pages
The Linked Webpage Option
The Linked Webpage is a blank webpage with full webpage functionality plus it has advanced features.
It is built as a completely independent webpage on the internet and can be hyperlinked to Link and List Communicators, it can be linked to main page sub menu dropdown list options or it can be linked to hyperlinks on any webpage. It has a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the site Main Pages. It is a full 900 pixels wide and it has no side panel on the left or the right hand side.
The Linked Webpage can host text, images, video and it has been designed to accommodate advanced code options such as: Password Access, Marquees, Rotators, Page Alternators, Social Media Albums, Slide Shows, Pages with Vertical & Horizontal Content Sliders and more. The page is ideal as an independent page on the internet and can be referenced by way of a hyperlink in an e-mail or on any website page. The page can boast the website menu bar, the ecommerce store menu bar or it can be independent of meetings communicator site or any other website page.
PDF Documents are typically presented with one page below the other in a continuous sequence. One scrolls down to find the next page. The linked Webpage offers the same functionality. You can copy and paste in page after page or you can load page jpg's.

Linked Webpages are an Option in the Communicator Site Builder. there is no limit to the number of pages that you can make.
Linked Webpages can be a free standing website pages that can be added as a webpage in the website tab menu dropdown options, store menu tab dropdowns, as a button/ image/text hyperlink or as an independent webpage.
You can copy and paste content from Word, Powerpoint, excel or from website pages. Alternatively, you can save content on Word, Powerpoint, excel etc as images and load the images to the Linked Webpage. the following features are available options:
1. Privacy (Password Access)
2. Layout Structuring - Click to setup the following / no coding needed
2.1 Border Width
2.2 Border Style
2.3 Background Colour
2.4 Load a Background Image
2.5 Activate a Header Marquee
2.6 Activate a Footer Marquee
2.7 Load a Footer Banner Image
3. Add Instagram, Facebook or twitter Usernames to activate a private or public galleries.
4. Load a Page Header Image
5. Position the page to have the website, store or no menu bar (Independent webpage with a folder URL). there are no page categories.
6. Load text, image, video or copy and paste in system generated code into the page CKeditor. 7. Activate Page and password Status (Actve/ Inactive)
Linked Webpages are suited to host powerpoint, word, excel, tables, images and video content. Cut and paste or load page jpgs. You can also cut and paste website pages.

In the example, above right YouTube Embed Code has been added to a table that is one column wide and with three rows. One for each video. The webpage has the social media album options activated and it has the option for inclusion as a website page activated.The advantage of this is that the user can easily navigate back to the website from this independent webpage.
Select Pages: Create Linked Webpages to build a linked webpage. 
Once opened, Scroll down to read the HOW TO TIPS at the foot of the page.
Click the image above to see the webpage.
The above page shows the Partner Links at the foot of the page. These are setup within another option.
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