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Content Presentation: Adding a Marquee to a Linked Webpage,etc.

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Adding a Marquee to a Linked Webpage
or to any other page with a CkEditor
 A marquee is an option that is generated automatically by the system. It causes text, images or both to scroll up, down, left or right. You can load a background image. The size of the  marquee frame and the image will determine the page size on some browsers but on others the window size will determine page size. The marquee frame can be set to be wider than the page width ie it is not restricted to a a max width of 900pix.
You can set a marquee frame size that is say, 3 x the width of the page so that an image scrolls in from the side of your screen. You can also set a foreground image or text that will follow the image that scrolls across a background image or the background colour selected.  As an example you could have a foreground image of an aircraft scrolling across a fixed background image of the sky. You could have a text message that scrolls vertically instead of horizontally ie a sentence would move up and down within the frame against a background colour or image.
There is a header and a footer marquee option that displays if activated.
There is also a code generator that will display on any page by copying the code and pasting it into the Source View of any CKeditor. Thus a Marquee can be added to a Linked webpage.
To build a marquee select an option in the Admin Panel (see below left). When the page opens please read the HOW TO TIPS for further directions on building marquees.
The marquees display automatically as either a Header or Footer Marquee. On the build page there is an option to generate the marquee's code (see below right). Should you wish to display the marquee on a page that has a page editor then you need to copy the code and paste it into the SOURCE VIEW on the page editor of the page that you want the marquee to display on. You could, for instance copy and paste the code so as to display on this page, on a linked webpage or any other page. When the marquee is built and you have copied the code to a destination page you must delete the marquee so that it does not display as a header or footer marquee.
In the example below, the marquee is a story book that covers the ten steps to building a virtual meeting room. The marquee is set as a header marquee, on this websites services showcase page. Click here to see it live.
In the example below, the marquee illustrates some for the Communicator's functionality. It is set as a footer marquee on this websites home page. Click here to see it live.  The links below the marquee are Partner Links that are another separate specialist webpage option.
The example below, is set on a linked webpage. The code was copied and pasted into a linked webpages's source view. To do this you select SOURCE in a page editors options panel ( it is above every page editor in the same way that Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc has an options panel at the top of their editors. In this example the scrolling image is a 3 year budget. The image is 5986 px wide (± 7 pages wide) and it is 986pix high. It has been set into a marquee frame that is 1200 pix wide by 986 pix high. 
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