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VIDEO: About a Meetings Strategy that is a Game Changer

For "Virtual Meetings" to be a "Game Changer," the meeting itself (physical or digital) must be one. The purpose or objective of a meeting should be to find and implement a solution. As a rough guide, solutions whose value is easy to see, are easy to understand and easy to use will have meaning to those in need.
Certainly, the Meetings Communicator supports Game Changing Solution Engineering by promoting a focus on decision making and by enabling decision makers to have gathered the facts and clarity thereon from their peers and experts before the meeting commences.
Typically, meetings underpin leadership. Leadership should seek to engage, intervene, align, encourage or inspire so as to get the team to execute an action plan or strategy.
The leadership's reputation for success is important. If the committee has a reputation for its:
- Inclusiveness; it will drive buy-in.
- Integrity; it will drive trust and meaning.
- Wisdom; it will drive confidence.
- Vision; it will drive hope.
- Strategy; it will drive execution and decisiveness, even in a crisis.
My views on the secrets to effective meetings were covered in another video, but for ease of reference I would like to highlight the following:

Ground Rules:
Be guided by measurable synergies, what's right and not who!

Has the agenda detailed discussion topics plus the objectives for the review and have possible solutions been circulated for research?

Game Changers:
Make collaboration a way of life and encourage the committee to start pre-meeting dialogue immediately with a view to reaching pre-meeting consensus.
If the committee has had the time to formulate considered opinions before the meeting and they have shared these with each other and with experts before the meeting, then the meeting will not be taking decisions based on first impressions. Where meetings do not commence with a sharing of Powerpoint presentations but which rather commence with a discussion on the opinions of a diverse group of members and experts, then the meeting is more likely to generate a game changing solution.
The Meetings Communicator's Meeting Packs and the Virtual Meeting Room availability are set by the site administrator. The COMMUNICATOR delivers one-click content from the moment that it is released. Access to the meeting room can be immediate, or it can be setup to go live at a specified date and time. For ease of access all links to supporting documents can also be presented in the meeting room.
Having a virtual meeting room, that is open before the meeting, creates an online home for opinions and counter proposals that can be uploaded for sharing. An open virtual meeting room forum will be at the core of creating a game changing process. In these circumstances, meetings will be able to commence with solution engineering discussions rather than with seeking clarity.
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