Content Presentation: Adding an Image Rotator to a Linked Webpage,etc.
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Hover on an Image to Stop the Rotation and to see the pop-up note on the position of the dress displayed.
The above rotator displays a max of 3 sides and has 6 images - both are variable.
As you increase the number of sides so the rotator will move to be more of a rotating cylinder.
The number of images too is not limited however load speed should be considered.
Each image offers a pop-up message and a link to a specified URL.
The size of the images can be specified.
You load JPG images, submit & the system will offer code to copy and paste to a preferred page editor.
The social media albums offer a glimpse on what's trending.
You can also add Financial Statements when you hover on a page it stops rotating and when you click on an image it could hyperlink to to more indepth financial pages.
The Rotator Images below link to the How To Tutorials Category & Topic Summary Page
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