#SAfreebies; Giveaways, Lucky Draws, Promo's & Contests
Our Story

We started Sandton Giveaways in August 2017 and it proved to be a great idea that has now evolving into a broard based initiative to spread the fun and excitement of giveaways, promo's, sweepstakes and contests.
Entry Vaiidity: The winner must have entered on the SA Freebies Facebook Page, on the site of a participating sponsoror, may have been entered by a participating sponsor or may have been gifted an entry by an existing customer of a participating sponsor.
Giveaways: Giveaways are lucky draws where the winner is not required to have made any prequalifying or post qualifying purchases. The entry is free and the winner is required to take delivery at the premises of the sponsor.
Sweepstakes: These are a form of giveaway that may require a prequalification, post qualification or entrance fee.
Promotions: Promotions generally result in the provision of a volume or price discount. The discount could a percentage off ranging from zero to one hundred percent. It is awarded by the provision of a coupon in the winners aocial account on a participating sponsors website.
Contests: Contests involve participation in a game or activity that may or may not require skill.
Who We Are

  • SA Feeebies is administered by Webo Digital (www.webodigital.co.za).
  • Our mission is to enable people to discover products, brands and services by way of a collective marketing campaign.
  • The marketing campaigns are designed to excite fun and to reward the customers of each sponsor.
  • Existing collective audience: A participating sponsor will be marketed to the customers of all the participating sponsors.
  • New collective audience: The marketing chapter will collectively be marketed to target markets to expand the market reach of each participating sponsor.
  • Customers and potential customers thus enjoy the fun and excitement and participating sponsors enjoy the opportunity to reward their existing customers and to offer them the opportunity to gift entry tickets to their friends and family.
  • Participating sponsors enjoy the potential of new customers and to the incremental revenue potential that they represent.
  • We source amazing products, services or eBooks that tell captivating stories which will delight satisfied current and future customers.
  • The target market is small business who as a group are able to generate a pool of exciting prizes.

  • SA Freebies is marketed to the customers of each participating sponsor.
  • As a collective the participating sponsors is marketed to defined target markets.
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