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 Country/Territory: South Africa


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Maki Sushi: (Seaweed-wrapped)

Your choice of filling is placed on a layer of rice that has a nori sheet below the rice and it is then rolled, so that the nori and the rice are curled around the filling. Nori is Japanese for edible seaweed.
Variations - 6 Pieces with your choice of one of the following fillings:
- Avocado   / 6 Pieces
- Cucumber  /  6 Pieces
- Crab   / 6 Pieces
- (Smoked) Salmon  /  6 Pieces
- Tuna   /  6 Pieces
- Prawn /  6 Pieces
- Kawayi Futomaki SQ  / 4 Pieces
- Eel /  6 Pieces
Note: that the Futomaki has 4 Pieces and the other choices have 6 pieces.


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