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Link & List Communicators

 Note: No notes for this product
 Product Number: Customised for Schools, Churches, Trade Shows, etc.

 Country/Territory: South Africa

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The Link & List Communicator
is a handy Communicator that 
Delight Customers
as it is a
Quick Link to Content 
and a 
Solution to Spam.
Put an End To Spam with our PULL Communicators
Custom designed for the INFORMATION needs of:
CLICK HERE to Read More on the L&L Communicator Website or eBook.

Bookmark Buttons on Phones open the COMMUNICATOR that lists and links info webpages.
Webo is leading a shift in local content delivery from "Push" Technology channels like e-mail, printed flyer adverts,
SMS, etc., to Scroll & Click "Pull" Technology COMMUNICATOR Apps on phones and PCs.
The One Click Content Communicator App delivers bulk content.
One click on a list can open an unlimited number of specialist webpages e.g.
Big Companies: "Who is" Profile pages on 1,000's of staff on theitr phones.
Reps: Load 21 pic's & reports from phones and managers add comments and reviews.
Professional firms: Reference 1,000's of pages in a private reference library on phones.
Schools: Teachers from different schools can share lesson plans.
Everybody: Deliver meeting packs to phones (PS See our online meeting rooms)
As a work from home business: What's good lists link to niche market directory listing pages.
If you need content "on the go" our One Click Content Communicator App places it just one click away?
e-mail spam has rendered e-mail impersonal.
100 billion e-mails per day!
Email remains the predominant form of communication in the business space.
This trend is expected to reach, 150 billion
e-mails per day during 2020.
Interpersonal messaging is the solution to SPAM.
is not a personal communication channel.
Instant messaging
is not a personal communication channel.
  • The Link & List Communicator is an innovative webpage that has full webpage functionality (text, image, audio and video) ​but with these distinguishing features:
    • It allows you to set the width of the page (Phone screen widths vary between some 320 pixels to 420 pixels on most phones.)
    • It offers a menu bar down the right hand side with drop down second level menu tab functionality.
  • There is no limit to the number of Link & List Communicator pages that you create.
  • Communicators can be created for many entities including: Communities and Community Policing Forums, Professional Services, Retailers, Corporate Offices, Clubs, Churches, Franchisors, Schools and more.
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise CRM is dominated by big business.
Get started
and start to enhance RELATIONSHIPS.
Put your button on the home screen of your clients phone and build a win:win relationship.
The Webo SaaS Bundle gives you all the communivcators and all the channels to promote them.
The Link & List Communicator Package includes:
A Form Builder & Manager, image rotator builder,
slide show builder,
image & a text survey builder, Online Coupon Deal Manager, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram image harvesting and presentation,  Digital Flip Book Builder, Marquee Builder. Agile Quizz Builder
and more.
The Link & List Communicator Delights Customers
as it is an Interpersonal Corporate Communicator.

Interpersonal Messaging with the Communicator
takes your CRM to the next level by getting connected with your customers & enhancing your customer relationshipsin a simple and affordable way that works!
Our Link & List  Communicators
offer a scroll down list of entities
that are listed on the directory.
Scroll the list, Tap your selected
vendor and open - it's one click
to the contnt.


Use our COMMUNICATOR to link
to webpages that you create to
showcaseyour content. It could
be product manuals, staff profiles
newsletters, new fashion ranges,
a board meeting pack & more.
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