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Webo Online Desktop Communicators

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 Product Number: Build, Collaborate and Share

 Country/Territory: South Africa

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Desktop Communicators
With the increasing popularity of the online work from home alternative for remote workers comes the need for a supportive workspace that drives effective communication and easy access to files to collaborate and share.
With an organized WFH (Work From Home) virtual office, Webo offers online Meeting Rooms and Mobile, on-phone meeting packs.
Most articles that deal with getting a WFH office started tend to deal with the important but obvious requirements of a dedicated office or workspace, physical desktop features such as chairs, monitor height, lighting, sunshine, wi-fi, hardware (laptops & printers), power supply (UPS / Generator backups to deal with power surges and load-shedding), online storage and more.
On the other hand, our focus is effective communication, ease of access, work/project progress collaboration, and sharing.
We have called our platforms “Communicators” to underscore their role: to offer ready access to online workrooms and desktops that support the integration of the thousands of widgets available to suit your every need. 
A by-product of a WFH virtual Office is that the office becomes mobile, allowing one to work from anywhere!
The key to the success of a WFH policy is self-direction. It is the all too often missing key to remote location-based workforces. Read more 
The best way to gain first-hand, in-depth knowledge of the power of the desktop and meetings communicators in WFH environments is to sign up and take a 14-day free trial SaaS bundle. We will support you with your build and the sharing plus collaboration of your workflows.
Webo Site Builder Admin Panel
Every option in the Desktop Communicator site builder admin panel, plus every other option offer a HOW TO TIPS PAGE at the foot of the page selected. This means that you need not search for How to Tips as they are conviently located at the foot of every site builder page.
The workspace Communicator offers nine workspace walls that you can invite people to collaborate on. Think of them as Meeting Room Walls that you and your collaborators can share ideas on.
Social media integration is optional as is audio/video conferencing integration via Skyps, Zoom, etc.
You can also integrate with widgets and other enablers such as :
Live Chat Plug-in (Watch Video)
Link to Comm100,Sign Up &
Copy installation code
Calendly Plug-in (Watch)
Link to Calendly,Sign Up &
Copy installation code


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