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Webo Digital provides software and services that help marketers get the maximum results from customer referrals. Our easy-to-use SaaS (Software as a Service) is designed for marketers to set up, build and drive their own marketing campaigns with the aid of customised workflow roadmaps, video tutorials, online Q&A webinars and prebooked consultations. Every customer of yours can opt-in for e-mail and, or SMS engagement. Your customers also get private online loyalty accounts to manage their loyalty transactions and status.
If you can use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, plus you can manage your own social media pages, you will have the skills needed to run your own coupon, loyalty & referral marketing campaigns. It is not complex. With the aid of the Webo Academy, you can engage with your customers to grow your business. 
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Referral Marketing is an Alternative Way
of Growing your Audience of Prospects.
Are you frustrated because your website is so far down the search rankings that it cannot be found? There was a time when Online Search was akin to searching a huge pile of files. Is your file on top?
Those days are gone - with over 1.3 billion websites on the internet,          if each was a single page, the stack would go one-third of the way to the international space station! If your customers refer you to a friend or business connection search will not be necessary.  Why be frustrated about getting to the top? We'll take you around the problem.
  • We are Digital Marketing Strategists who have built a technology platform to build Websites and eCommerce Stores for:
    • Physical and digital products,
    • Link & List Communication Apps,
    • Viral Blogs,
    • Online Meeting Rooms and Meeting Pack Apps,
    • Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing CRM Apps,
    • WhatsGood Communicators and
    • Online Trade Show Apps.
  • We all know that "Word of Mouth" Marketing works, and we know that with 2.3 billion websites out there, the chances of an SME's website being found are slim.
  • We help businesses that delight their customers to double turnover in half the time with our loyalty and referral marketing strategy.
  • It's an Attract, Reward and Grow Framework affordably brilliant alternative to SEO.
  • Webo Digital offers an all-in-one SaaS marketing platform to automate online marketing and enhance business performance based on decades of turnaround success in various public and private business sectors.
  • Your online platform is built with a SaaS membership subscription.
  • Join us by signing up for this Webo Digital SaaS Membership by taking advantage of this Signup bonus offer that includes a FREE TRIAL.
  • This limited-time LPM App offer adds amazing modules to your toolbox, and there are no contracts as membership is on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Onboarding is a simple – signup and link to the Setup Form.
  • Nurture your Customers on a journey to being active fans, advisors, advocates and ambassadors who grow your business via their social networks and by direct referrals.
    Reputation and Referrals Grow Businesses
    Sharing Grows  Brand Awareness,
    Audience Engagement and Audience Building.
  • We guide you to build your four-channel marketing platform which is hosted and firewalled on the Webo Directory which, with this bonus buy, includes these extras:
  • Channel 1: Your Loyalty & Referral Marketing App
  • Channel 2: An Independent Website (or we link to yours) plus a Product or Service Showcase or eCommerce store
  • Channel 3: A Viral Blog  and
  • Channel 4: Sync to Facebook Pages
  • Yes, we integrate with your current website, or you can build one; It’s click easy – no coding is needed.
  • We suggest a Strategic Marketing Roadmap that will take you from here to there while you DRIVE and we NAV.
  • We will coach your team with Tried and Tested Frameworks, Videos, eBooks, Webinars / Webinar Replays and a Strategic Performance Enhancement Masterclass designed to build a strategy to Double Turnover in Half the Time.
  • We build a private CRM Account for every customer of yours, no matter how many you have, and we maintain opt-in Email and SMS Databases.
  • We set you free to utilise the full technology platform to build:
  • Independent Landing Pages,
  • Online data/document or content library Apps,
  • Online Feedback Quiz Pages,
  • Online Signup Pages,
  • Online Meeting Rooms and on phone Meeting Document Packs.
  • WhatsGood and Link & List Info Reward Apps (see below)and more...
  • Clearly, we’re the next level of CRM for SME’s.
  • Sign Up & LET’S CHAT about getting your business growing.
  • Take the free trial, and we will show you how you can do it. Yes, you DRIVE while we NAV is the best alternative, but we will get it built for you if you do not have time.

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The SaaS (Software as a Service) Package is the platform used to build a Reputation & Referral Marketing App, aka LPM (Loyalty Programme Marketing) App. The technology fuses the best of coupon, loyalty and referral marketing, and then it promotes the App on multiple channels. Thus, we host the software on a site for you which we firewall and monitor for malware etc.
Briefly stated, the strategy is to explore relevant rewards to target audiences that most likely will be lookalike segments of your current customer list (it's about getting your best customers to refer you to their friends). You then reward customers for writing reviews on your App (which adds social proof to your Reputation) and for sharing comments on their social networks which builds awareness across a large audience that includes the friends of your friends. The average awareness multiplier is over 1 to 200, so getting, on average each customer to refer a friend will Double your Turnover in Half the Time (DTHT).
Customers qualify for rewards by writing reviews and by sharing. Every customer gets their own personal loyalty account to track their rewards. You can also offer customers two-way rewards where both get the reward if the friend takes up the offer detailed on a coupon that they are sent. In this way, you attract, retain and grow your customer base.
The Webo Loyalty & Referral App (LPM APP)
Having an App is like having a sports car with no petrol. Your App needs to be promoted, and to enable you to do this, we have included modules that support our four-channel marketing system (4CM).
The 4CM integrated with a Referral Marketing App is unique as it offers "type & click" site builders. The four channels to your markets are; websites (including full e-commerce stores), apps (referral and information apps), blogs and across the board viral social media integration. 
If you are starting from scratch, you can create, and we will host all your online digital marketing platforms. We will host these but we will set them up on the servers in the USA, and we will include firewall protection, SSL encryption and 24/7 malware monitoring; it's all included in our rates. It is like having a shop in a shopping mall. You get a mall address,, and you can also have your own URL. 
By creating these four channels to promote the LPM Communicator App, you will set up the opportunity to build customer relationships that will drive your referral marketing campaigns. If you already have any of these channels, we just link to them.
Four-Channel Marketing


We all detest having a clogged mailbox, and thus we resist PUSH marketing campaigns. Having the option of an App that allows you to tap a button on your phone to PULL newsletter updates, specials, coupon deals that you can share etc. is preferred by many. The key to our success is allowing your customers to choose how they want to engage. We offer them the opportunity to sign up for SMS short messaging and separately for e-mail notifications. The secret is to offer a balance they prefer; you'll love the technology.
Balancing Customer Engagement with our Communicators
Getting Started: Creating a roadmap to your future
To start, you must give thought to a roadmap that will take your business from where it is to where you want it to be. We offer extensive planning assistance with PowerPoint template roadmaps and comprehensive plans that you can easily edit to suit your needs. The roadmap below has three levels and 9 phases
Signup and let us share with you the detail behind our internationally tried and tested roadmaps.
They have worked for many and they can work for you.
You pay $0 now for the Free Trial
Next Steps: With the App Built it is Time To Spread The Word to Your Customers
Reputations and referrals grow businesses and we make it easy and automated as follows:
1. Promote the App by advocating the Coupon Benefit Rewards on your App to your customers through established marketing channels. If you have a customer list, eMail the App URL and a QR code to them. Advocate your App and the Coupon Benefits to walk-in customers. 
2. Customers, Friends, and Browsers (Users) scan the QR code they receive or the link to the APP with the URL link e-mailed to them. Once the webpage is opened, it can be bookmarked, or if opened on a phone, it can be saved by adding a Button Bookmark to the Home Screen.
3. Users tap the button on their phones whenever they desire to open your Communicator App to the latest version. No upgrades are required as it always opens to the latest version.
4. Users Sign Up or Sign In and review the latest product or service, ebook, info App, image Gallery updates, videos added, event tickets, lucky draws, listings, etc. Alternatively, they add Reviews to achieve Advisor Status, Share to achieve Advocate Status, or they can open their Loyalty Accounts and redeem or e-mail a coupon reward to a friend to achieve Ambassador status.
5. Generally, Coupon Rewards are issued without charge, but an admin fee may be charged by an NGO or other entity.
6. Redemptions options may be set up to allow Print and Present and/or On Phone Redemption. If Print and Present were activated, then users can print to redeem the coupon rewards, which they later present to your staffer.
7. Users log in to their online loyalty accounts, select a reward in their account and hand their phones to your Admin Officer.
8. Admin Officers can enter a PIN number to redeem the coupon. They can also add loyalty points, upgrade status or activate Ambassador status re two-way rewards where both receive the reward when the friend redeems the referral reward.
At a monthly subscription of $50/R480 pm for the Webo SaaS you get the Webo LPM Communicator App
and online private loyalty accounts for thousands of customers.
Plus, as a limited time lifetime bonus you also get the Site Builder, Viral Blog Builder, The L&L App and the Meetings Communicator.


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