Day 1: About Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS
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Hi There,

Day 1: About Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS

Thank you for your continued interest in our course.
I hope that you got to experience the fact that the Webo SaaS is huge.

You can take comfort in the knowledge that the content management systems will support the professional presentation of your content.

Content must be relevant to be read but before this the layout and presentation must look good. Grab a few magazines and study the layouts used and establish a preference. Content is King (as Bill Gates said) but Presentation is Queen!

This free course comes with all the tools and online hosting that you will use to:
- automate your campaign's social media integration,
- nurture a highly engaged customer audience who will:
-- grow your business via lead generation,
-- grow your reputation via reviews and
-- grow awareness and your turnover via sharing and referrals.

The book covers the matters set out in the table of contents. 

There is a science to loyalty and referral marketing success. Please read the book and pose questions. 

Our contact details are in the book.

Enjoy the book
Warm Regards
The Webo Academy

PS - This Book is essential reading for Day One of the 14 Day Course 
This eBook will grab your attention as it covers global success stories, critical performance success factors and more. Please read this book and raise questions in the live Q&A discussion forums. Click the link below for the download.
Our eBook of the day is at
 Hi, The keys to success are that you need to be delighting your customers, it must be easy to grow reputations and referrals and doing so must be relevantly rewarded. You will be amazed at the success stories.
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