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About the WhatsGood Pocket Advisor Link Buttons
Listed businesses are encouraged to chat to us about adding information links.
Select a button to open a demo page. Select a "Read more" link to read more about the info options.







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  • Free DIY Splash Pages :
  • Listed businesses can add a Splash Page with logo, contact, trading hours, location detail and an "about us" page.
  • DIY VIP Listing Pages:
  • VIP pages have advanced content management options that require no coding knowledge to build. Read more eBook Download

  • Reviews and Information Pages: 
  • Neighbourhood Listings are based on recommendations. Listings must be claimed by businesses before an "INFO & REVIEWS" button displays on the list. Splash Pages that have had Reviews & Ratings added will be presented.  Read more eBook Download
  • Direct links to a website URL and or to an eMail address can be added to a listing. Note that these can also be added to a Free Splash Page. The Splash Page also offers contact information, links to Social Media pages, a map and office hour information.

  • Deals & Promotions: Specials, deals, promotions and other matters of interest to the community can be linked to Deals & Promotions.  Link to your content or we B4U.  Read more eBook

  • Coupon Deals:  Coupons distributed by highly engaged customers with comments will attract audiences. It can be automated, managed & tracked or simply distributed.  Read more eBook  
  • Loyalty Rewards when timely and relevant demonstrate to your customers that you value their business. With engagement they are the key to your growth. Read more eBook Download

  • Referral Rewards are one of the keys to successful reputation and referral marketing. Delighted customers do not write reviews and share unless it is easy and rewarded. There is a science to reputation and referral marketing.  Read more eBook Download
Tap a link button below to see the option in action
eg see a variety of demo deal pages, coupon deals, loyalty or referral rewards




Select a Demonstration Store Below
where the digital marketing upgrades are illustrated
Mall Deal Finder  https://malls.webo.directory
Home Decor Store    https://homedecor.webo.directory 
Sushi Bar Take Away https://sb.webo.directory
Goodman's Law Firm  https://lawfirms.webo.directory 
Country Lodge & Hotel  https://lodges.webo.directory
Sally's Seafood Restaurant  https://ssr.webo.directory
George's Butchershop and Grill   https://www.gbg.webo.directory
Pricing  (? = depends upon requirements) 
• WhatsGood Pocket Advisor Listing (if relevant) - Free
• DIY Splash Pages - Free / 365D
• DIY VIP Pages & Deals - R250 / 30D
• B4U VIP Pages & Deals - R1000 ? / 30D | ? 
• B4U Deals/Specials/Promotions/Announcement etc pages - Normally
  • R400 (R500 less R100 for flyer distribution) 30D.
  • R900 per quarter (R400 less R100 for flyer distribution = R300 x 3 mths. Includes 1 rebuild per quarter eg Xmas, Easter, Winter, Spring promotions/deals & specials)
  • R2700 pa (R900 x 4 less 25%) Includes 4 rebuilds.
• B4U Managed Coupon Deal or Special Pocket Advisor/App with online Loyalty Accounts for all customers (eg personal loyalty accounts for 3,000 customers plus online (phone or PC) redemption administration)  or Loyalty Programme or Reputation & Referral Marketing enable - R1200 each?  This includes up to 4 Neighbourhood List Links.
• DIY Webo SaaS (Website, Blog, Apps, Online Meeting Room with Video Conferencing, Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing Automation plus hands-on training - R1250
• Links to an eMail Address or to a URL for a website, own deals pages etc - R900pa
• Ask about our "Spread the word" referral deal that offers 50% off for your 1st month? 
• B4U Webo SaaS (Ask for a quote)
Getting Started (This eBook - use this URL to share it)
• WhatsGood Link Options https://mycom.app/LinkOptions
• Getting The Digital Marketing Basics Right: https://mycom.app/basics
• Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS: https://mycom.app/dmpdf
• Reward Structuring with the Webo SaaS: https://mycom.app/RSpdf
• Hotel & Restaurant Loyalty Programme Review: https://www.webo.directory/videos/pdf/d-394.pdf
Demo Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Pocket Advisors / Programmes
• Shopping Malls https://mycom.app/mall
• Home Decor Store: https://mycom.app/decor
• Hotels & Lodges https://mycom.app/lah
Jewellery & Store: https://mycom.app/jew
• Restaurants: Steakhouse: https://mycom.app/GBG
• Restaurants: Seafood: https://mycom.app/SSRpdf
• Takeaway/Fast Food: Sushi: https://mycom.app/SB
Webo Digital
• Support - Webo Academy https://saas-meetings.webo.directory
• Should you be asked for a password use: 1234@abcd
The Webo Digital and the WhatsGood websites have contact us options and full email and telephone contact details.
Contact Jenna Caine
WhatsGood Westville
Tel: 072 032 8659    eMail: Jenna@Webo Directory
5a Beaconsfield, Chiltern Hills, Westville 3629

On average 28% of Good Messages
are shared with 155 Facebook friends. 

1. We provide Neighbourhood and Topic Specific
WhatsGood Contact List Communicators that are phone friendly.

2. Once your Business is on a Contact List you can step up to a
Free Listing on the www.Webo.directory
that is optimized for social media sharing.

3. Next, subscribe for the Webo SaaS
and build relationships with your own "Bonus"
Specials & Deals Communicator.

Are you reaching your target audience?

Done right, Social Media Sharing will, on average, reach
354,779 people in 5 steps.

Thus. in theory, on average
if 1 interesting social media post is shared 43 times,
Next, it will be shared with 1,883 people who
will share it with 81,746 people,
who share it with 354,779 people.
In a local neighbourhood, market saturation is likely 
but suffices to say that market reach will be extensive.

 We are Digital Marketing Specialists & offer:

Social Media Marketing Tools
used to build highly engaged audiences and leads.

Done right, The Webo SaaS is a cost-effective marketing platform.


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