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About the WhatsGood Pocket Advisor Link Buttons
Listed businesses are encouraged to chat to us about adding information links.
Select a button to open a demo page. Select a "Read more" link to read more about the info options.
Alternatively, WhatsApp Us on 066 307 1938  or e-Mail  to get started  with a

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  • Free DIY Splash Pages :
  • Listed businesses can add a Splash Page with logo, contact, trading hours, location detail and an "about us" page.
  • DIY VIP Listing Pages:
  • VIP pages have advanced content management options that require no coding knowledge to build. Read more eBook Download
  • Reviews and Information Pages: Splash Pages that have had Reviews & Ratings added will have their Splash Page Button exchanged for a RI button.  Read more eBook Download
  • Direct links to a website URL and or to an eMail address can be added to a listing. Note that these can also be added to a Free Splash Page.
  • Deals & Promotions: Specials, deals, promotions and other matters of interest to the community can be linked to Deals & Promotions.  Link to your content or we B4U.  Read more eBook
  • Coupon Deals:  Coupons distributed by highly engaged customers with comments will attract audiences. It can be automated, managed & tracked or simply distributed.  Read more eBook  
  • Loyalty Rewards when timely and relevant demonstrate to your customers that you value their business. With engagement they are the key to your growth. Read more eBook Download
  • Referral Rewards are one of the keys to successful reputation and referral marketing. Delighted customers do not write reviews and share unless it is easy and rewarded. There is a science to reputation and referral marketing.  Read more eBook Download
Tap a link button below to see the option in action
eg see a variety of demo deal pages, coupon deals, loyalty or referral rewards




Select a Demonstration Store Below
where the digital marketing upgrades are illustrated
Mall Deal Finder
Home Decor Store 
Sushi Bar Take Away
Goodman's Law Firm 
Country Lodge & Hotel
Sally's Seafood Restaurant
George's Butchershop and Grill
Yip, for the early worms, everything for Westville Suppliers is FREE during November.
 That's right Everything (All marketing campaigns and B4U charges) are free for Westville Suppliers 
during our launch month of November 2019  (ACT NOW - first come first served)
To get started
for a free SPLASH PAGE then let's chat about the extra options that you would like to try. 
PLEASE NOTE: We will ask suppliers to distribute some flyers to customers which we will supply.
• WhatsGood Pocket Advisor Listing (if relevant) - Always Free
• DIY Splash Pages - Always Free / 365D
• DIY VIP Pages & Deals - R250 / 30D
• B4U VIP Pages & Deals - R1000 / 30D
• B4U Deals/Specials/Promotions/Announcement etc pages - Normally from R400-R500 pm, R900 p quarter or R2700 pa paid at R675 per Quarter. Pricing depends upon requirements.
• B4U Automated Coupon Management Deal, Loyalty or Referral Programme or Special Pocket Advisor/App with online Loyalty Accounts for all customers plus online (phone or PC) redemption administration - from R500
• DIY Webo SaaS (Website, Blog, Apps, Online Meeting Room with Video Conferencing, Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing Automation plus hands-on training - R1250
• Links to an eMail Address or to a URL for a website, own deals pages etc - R900pa
• Ask about our "Spread the word" referral deal that offers 50% off for your 1st month? 
• B4U Webo SaaS (Ask for a quote)
Getting Started (This eBook - use this URL to share it)
• WhatsGood Link Options
• Getting The Digital Marketing Basics Right:
• Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS:
• Reward Structuring with the Webo SaaS:
• Hotel & Restaurant Loyalty Programme Review:
Demo Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Pocket Advisors / Programmes
• Shopping Malls
• Home Decor Store:
• Hotels & Lodges
Jewellery & Store:
• Restaurants: Steakhouse:
• Restaurants: Seafood:
• Takeaway/Fast Food: Sushi:
Webo Digital
• Support - Webo Academy
• Should you be asked for a password use: 1234@abcd
The Webo Digital and the WhatsGood websites have contact us options and full email and telephone contact details.
Contact Jenna Caine
WhatsGood Westville
Tel: 072 032 8659    eMail: Jenna@Webo Directory
5a Beaconsfield, Chiltern Hills, Westville 3629
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