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Arbitrage is the simultaneous buying and selling of an asset in different markets in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset. For example, you could buy Bitcoin on an offshore exchange in Euro to simultaneously sell it on a South African exchange for Rand.
Arbitrage trading with the Abreo Bot and specialist 3rd Parties is a low-risk and legit automation option. The cryptocurrency digital economy is turbulent and as the world moves to a global economy and grapples with creating a regulatory framework the turbulence will remain. Money Laundering in a Global Economy has to be regulated in the worldwide fight against crime and we stand steadfastly behind the idea of a 100% legit global digital economy.
Those that claim to be able to predict future trends in Financial Markets are a High-Risk alternative because there is a probability that it is a scam. Robots predicting the future, even those with artificial intelligence are no better than a Gypsey with a Crystal Ball.  On the other hand, using a Bot to track currencies and trading prices on various exchanges requires a factual on the spot analysis that a Bot can carry out in terms of set criteria.
Using the Abreo Bot for arbitrage trading makes it possible to capitalize on analysed opportunities that exist for only seconds or microseconds. Strategies based on small, consistent profits yield high returns when assessed over a year. Risks are low because of the simultaneous buying and selling of the arbitraged asset.
How are we different?
Please allow me the following analogy. The horse racing industry is a global market dominated by punters, bookies, owners, trainers, jockeys and more. This market is transparent to the average consumer, who understand the risks and return on offer. Drawing a parallel to financial markets is easy. Most see investing in financial markets as a punt.
So, how can we confidently say that the Abreo Bot will deliver low-risk returns?
Traders and Punters both place bets on an outcome.  They both take a view on the outcome of a race or the financial exchange.  Horse Racing as an Industry exists because of the uncertainty and the belief that you can get lucky and beat the odds. No Bot has ever been able to beat the odds legitimately and consistently, with a low risk of failure, in the horse racing industry or any financial market. As we said, those with a Crystal Ball are, all too often, a scam.
Bots are rule-following and can assimilate information, to establish if at the moment a profit can be made. Humans too can do this. The problem is that humans need to sleep!
Here is where the Abreo Bot differs from what some think that it is.
It does not predict anything; it identifies actual vs predicted conditions to activate a simultaneous buy-sell instruction. Which horse wins is irrelevant. The Abreo Bot may track the cost of Bitcoin on an OFFSHORE  EXCHANGE and the selling price of the same Bitcoin on a SOUTH AFRICAN EXCHANGE. When the required profit is available, the Abreo Bot kick starts the buy/sell routine. See the image at the foot of the page. 
There is no guesswork.
The Abreo Bot answers the question; what is the selling price in South Africa vs the cost of “the horse/crypto-asset” in a foreign country. 
I repeat,
it is not about which horse will win. 
If you can, right now, simultaneously buy and sell for some 4% more, then your Abreo Bot makes it happen for you.

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