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Our LOGO is a 3D arrow composition representing the arbitrage process;
Green for the onshore exchange, Blue for offshore exchanges in the UK,
North America or Europe and Gold for Bitcoin or Other Crypto Assets
At Abreo, we offer to manage the set up of an Arbitrage Bot or Exchange Service, monitor its performance, replace it where necessary and report on its performance. 
In short, we handle the automation of a client's arbitrage strategy so that they do not have to. We are the last link that takes the deployment of an Arbitrage Bot from automation to automatic.
Abreo is a division of Webo (Pty) Ltd which is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that is used to create a digital marketing platform. Abreo is a done for you arbitrage SaaS management service that is often called a Bot. Our preferred SaaS / Bot / Exchange Service manages the technology environment for a client and we monitor and report on its performance. 
We manage and monitor arbitrage transactions for a portfolio of funds on behalf of clients who, at all times, retain custody of their investment funds. At any stage, a client may take control and direct trading strategies for their accounts. We are authorised by a client to ensure that their defined arbitrage strategy is executed.
We monitor arbitrage yields and take advantage of opportunities to maximise earnings within the general arbitrage regulatory guidelines. In addition, we constantly evaluate market trends with a view to net capital appreciation. While the possibility of negative arbitrage is a reality, our methodologies are designed to be implemented in a disciplined manner, ensuring that they will recapture any accumulated negative arbitrage in the medium to long term. 
"We create bespoke, custom strategies to suit individual needs for income and capital growth within defined timelines."
South African Arbitrage Opportunities have been delivering consistent profitability for the last four years.
In the early years Arbitage Profitability at 20% was not uncommon but as the market has matured
and the number of sellers has increased in relation to the number of buyers so the profitability has,
on average, decreased. This said, margins are volitile, only exist for seconds and given the expected
growth in demand the margins will be maintained within a volitile profitability bandwidth.
What is predicted for 2022?
During January 2022 Arbitrage Trading Margins were tighter than they have been before.
The Bitcoin Price dropped and while this does not directly impact arbitrage profits
it has seen demand and prices paid on the local market fall.
Consider the options open to a married couple trading the maximum allowances available. 
They could ask us to customise a trading strategy that will achieve a desired ROI.
As the required ROI (Average Yield) rises so one will have to wait for the market
to deliver the desired trading profits. As the desired average yield falls so the
waiting time to a trade at that ROI being triggered reduces.
In this market we have benchmarked trading strategies
against an "Early Bird" strategy and a "Waiting Game" strategy.

2022 Arbitrage Early Bird Strategy - Read more on this strategy on our blog.
This strategy has been delivering returns so far for 2022 and is expected to continue to do so.
Invest R100,000 as a couple and get R342,000 back after 118 trading days.
•Every row on the above schedule is a strategy that we actively manage on a day-to-day basis. Refer to row one which illustrates an "Early Bird Strategy" in the 2022 market based on a 1% return on R11m in allowances which grows a R100,000 investment to +R110,000 per spouse. (It thus more than Doubles the invested capital to R320,000).
•With a 1% Early Bird strategy illustrated above, you trade with 100,000 to obtain the results in row 1 above.  This strategy may suit investors, who do not want to wait, and who seek to withdraw cash on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
•As the year progresses, we will increase the return required on days when returns are high so that the capital  exceeds R320,000. We can customise a strategy to say, 1.1% which will yield  ( R100k + R121k + R121k = R342,000). This customisation is illustrated in the middle panel of the schedule below.
•At the beginning and at the end of the year the markets are normally quiet, and we will wait for them to warm up to trade strategies that require higher yields. We need  about 75 + 43 = 118 trading days out of 260 to execute this strategy.
•We discuss strategy options and once set we manage the execution to achieve the desired result. All trading is done in your name and funds are returned to your account every day. You can change strategies at any time. Yield peaks are unpredictable but they do happen and waiting for them is what the "Waiting Game" strategy does.
•REMEMBER: The yield is expressed as a % of the allowance, it is not time based, it is about accumulating profits.

2022 Arbitrage Waiting Game Trading Strategy - Read more on this strategy on our blog.

This strategy has been delivering returns since mid February 2022

and is expected, intermittently, to continue to do so.

Row 5 illustrates the 2% "Waiting Game" strategy that calls for an average yield (ROI) of 2% on the R11 million allowance for both partners. This "Waiting Game" strategy can grow the initial capital of R100,000 to R540,000 

• We recommend that clients kick off trading R100,000 with a 2% "Waiting Game" strategy for 2022.  This said the minimum is an investment of R50,000 and ROI strategies can be customised to suit a client's preference.
•As the year progresses, we will increase the return requirement on days when returns are higher so that your capital  exceeds R540,000  ( R100k + R220k + R220k). 
•We only need 57 + 27 = 84 trading days out of 260. It’s cherry picking & it started to deliver in mid February!
•We discuss strategy options and once set we manage your strategy on your behalf. All trading is done in your name and funds are returned to your account every day. You can change strategies at any time. Yield peaks are unpredictable.
In the table above we illustrate the impact of fixed trading costs on profitability. The middle panel is used to bennchmark results of a 2% "Waiting Game" strategy and a 1.1% "Early Bird" strategy. The fixed interbank SWIFT fee is R500 no matter the amount transferred between banks. Thus for R50,000 a R100,000 2% return reduces to 1.5% or increases with a R1 million investment to 2.45% - see the panels on the left and right of the 2% example. Likewise, the 1.1% strategy reduces to 0,6% or increases to 1.55%.
To book a one-on-one chat please go to https://www.mycom.app/calendly or phone 0877 589 310
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