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Webo LLP: Profile Page: Zoe Patterson

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Name of Person to Contact
Zoe Patterson

Contact e-Mail


Tel. Number
066 307 1938

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
Webo LLP, 11th Street, Benmore, Sandton

Postal Address
P O Box 2345, Benmore Gardens

Postal Code

Hours of Business
8h30 to 5pm Monday to Friday

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Webo LLP: Profile Page: Zoe Patterson : Partner - Labour Law Focus Area


Welcome to my Webo LLP Profile Page

I specialise in Service Level Agreements that help client staff to get to the top!


can be a moving target.
Relax, our tried and tested HR packages are not only affordable
but they will help you  sleep well at night without  worrying about labour law non-compliance issues.
Service Level Agreements; Giving meaning and the need for responsibility.
Service level agreements that set out the fundamentals of what the employer does for the employee and in addition, what the employee will do for the employer are at the core of constructive contractual employment contracts.
Staff will be expected to be responsible. To be responsible one needs to have a through understanding of what is expected of you. What you must do (the process) and when ( the system) needs to be understood and in addition if you establish why the role of the employee is important you will give the job meaning. Giving each employee meaning will allow them to understand where they fit in to the operations of the employer. 
Operations can be sumarised as inputs producing outputs that have impact and which result in outcomes that give value to the eployer's operations.
Service Level Agreements; Establishing accountability.
Reporting should be a two way street and the SLA ensures that there are no surprises. The employer reports on the health of the business and the employees report on meeting output expectations.
Service Level Agreements; Empowerment.
Motivated staff are "equipped" with the skills needed to perform well in their careers. Career planning lays the foundation for trust between the employer and the employee.

Chat to us.

We will add value by helping you establish trust and relationships that will get your business growing

and give you peace of mind!


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Address :-Webo LLP, 11th Street, Benmore, Sandton

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