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Date :22nd, February 2013

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Tel. Number
011 301 0000 / 0860 638 2273

Fax Number
011 301 0439

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
76 Maude Street, corner West Street, Sandton 2196




Netcare operates the largest private hospital network in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Our ordinary shares have been listed on the JSE Limited, South Africa since December 1996.

Netcare strives for best-quality patient care, grounded by our unwavering commitment to our values. We offer world-class medical facilities staffed by dedicated and passionate healthcare professionals who continuously enhance their skills and expand their expertise through Netcare's well-respected education and training programmes.

At Netcare, we endeavour to treat patients with utmost dignity and respect. Our facilities are expertly managed to provide an environment conducive to rest and recovery, and we partner with doctors and specialists who are constantly at the forefront of medical innovation

We believe that our ongoing investment in our people has enabled our growth and success. We are also proud to have been placed in the top 10 (Large Category) of the Deloitte and Financial Mail Best Company to Work For survey for 2 years running (in 2007 and 2008).

We are committed to the development of South Africa and its people, through our transformation initiatives and in building sustainable partnerships with industry and governmental stakeholders to broaden access to affordable, quality healthcare for all.



Netcare aims to conduct its business in a manner which contributes to the development of our people, communities and country, while continuously seeking ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainable development requires that we are mindful of the future impacts our business will have, beyond the business focus of profitability and creating shareholder value. To this end, we invest significantly in healthcare-related social initiatives, and actively engage the public sector to form partnerships that increase access to quality healthcare.

Mindful of the economic inequalities which persist in South Africa today, we are committed to trasformation in our business and the broader healthcare sector. Furthermore, we are working to reduce our environmental impact in the face of the threats of global climate change and the depletion of natural resources, to do our part in ensuring that future generations can continue to meet their needs.

Treatments and Facilities

At Netcare, the primary concern of every staff member and doctor is to provide the highest level of quality care to our patients. Our reputation for excellence in healthcare extends to our specialist core competencies. This section details some of these specialisations under Treatments and Facilities.

Our specialist areas include trauma care, renal disorders, organ transplants, genetic care, mother and child care including paediatric cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, travel medicine and weight managemnet.  Additionally, we offer primary care services through our Medicross centres and Prime Cure clinics. You can find out more about which Netcare hospitals offer the service or disciplines by searching by hospital.

Doctor's Info

Netcare offers doctors the best available setting in which they can practice their specialisation and provide excellent patient care, with access to the latest technology, world-class facilities and well-trained support staff.

Doctors who operate from Netcare facilities benefit from our well-established and respected brand, with our commitment to the highest level of quality patient care as our core brand promise. We ensure that our doctors have the support to provide excellent healthcare to each and every patient.

We continually invest in the latest medical technology, and our nursing and support staff remain up-to-date with healthcare trends and developments through various education and training initiatives. Doctors are also given the opportunity to transfer skills to nursing staff at their facilities.

Netcare is dedicated to maintaining clinical governance standards throughout the Group, with doctors participating extensively on our Medical Advisory and Ethics Committee. We subscribe to the Health Practitioners Council of South Africa?s (HPCSA) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. We also maintain good relations with medical schools and research institutions across South Africa.

We strive to build our organisation and brand with strong partnerships with our doctors. The annual NetPartner survey give doctors the opportunity to provide feedback on all aspects of their relationship with Netcare, in order to drive ongoing improvement at our facilities. 

Address :-76 Maude Street, corner West Street, Sandton 2196

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