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South African Skydiving
Date :4th, March 2013

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Name of Person to Contact

Wonderboom, Pretoria

Tel. Number
072 124 6670

Cell Number
+27 72 124 6670

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
South African Skydiving School Airport Road ,Wonderboom, Pretoria



Tandem skydiving is a safe and hassle-free way for you to experience the thrill of free fall and the serenity of a parachute ride with the minimum of training. On your tandem jump, you will be attached to your Tandem Master under a parachute built for two. After a 10 minute briefing, you are ready to climb to altitude which is 11 000 ft above the ground. Our highly experienced Tandem Masters have THOUSANDS of jumps and will take care of all the necessary details while you simply enjoy the ride. With 40 seconds of freefall and a 10 minute parachute ride, you’ll soon understand just why this is the most addictive sport around! Tandems are ideal for those who want to make a skydive "just to see what it is like” or as a definite once-off: if you decide to take up skydiving as a sport this is an awesome introduction which requires little effort and provides maximum enjoyment. South African Skydiving School boasts some of SA’s best freefall photographers, who will capture the entire experience on digital format for you, to edit onto a DVD - your friends and family will HAVE to believe that you actually DID IT



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Address :-South African Skydiving School Airport Road ,Wonderboom, Pretoria

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