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10111 Emergency Centre

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South Africa

10111 Emergency Centre


About 10111 centres

This is a 24-hour crime-reporting call centre which handles complaints from the public. The calls can be made through a Telkom line or a cellphone. All calls to the centre are recorded.

Note: Dial this number only in emergencies. Do not misuse it as this:

  • blocks calls from people in life-threatening situations and in need of police assistance
  • is a waste of police time as officers may have to drive or fly to the alleged crime scene
  • is a waste of police resources as officers may be deployed where there is no emergency.

For less serious complaints and general enquiries, call the nearest police station.

What you should do

1. Dial the telephone number 10111 anywhere in South Africa.

2. A call centre operator answers the call and takes all the necessary information.

3. The information is captured and a reference number given to you as proof and for future reference.

4. The complaint is assigned to the local South African Police Service (SAPS) Community Service Centre (CSC) Sector vehicle or the nearest Flying Squad vehicle.

How long does it take

All calls are answered as soon as possible.

How much does it cost

  • Call from a Telkom line: The service is free.
  • Calls from a cellphone: Calls are charged at normal cellphone rates.

Forms to complete

There are no forms to complete.

Who to contact

Tel: 10111

Address :-South Africa

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