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Emergency Ambulance
Date :16th, September 2013

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Tel. Number
082 112 / 084 124

Cell Number
084 124

Emergency Ambulance


National Ambulance Numbers

  • The National Ambulance Emergency Number is 10 177 (dial 112 from a mobile phone).
  • The ER24 Ambulance number is 084 124 (both landline and mobile).
  • The Netcare 911 Ambulance number is 082 911 (both landline and mobile).

Ambulance Call Centers

These ambulance numbers can be called 24 hours a day from anywhere in South Africa. Calls are generally answered within a few seconds, and trained operators are available to deal with any emergency issues. At least one medical doctor is generally stationed at the call-center 24 hours a day who is proficient with trauma and emergency medicine.

Ambulance Emergency Response Time

In urban areas, emergency response times are around 15 minutes. In rural areas, response times can be up to 40 minutes to an hour.

Dispatch Sources

Ambulances are generally self-dispatched from locations around the country. The country is working towards central dispatch locations in most major areas.

Ambulance Vehicles

This depends on whether it is a government or private company, and the area of dispatch. Private ambulance vehicles are generally medium to large in size, and modern. The branding of the company is clearly visible on the vehicle.

Air ambulance

Air ambulance services are available from a number of bases around the country. Public air healthcare service is provided by the Red Cross Air Mercy Service, which operates both helicopters and aircraft around peripheral areas and oceans around the country. Private air healthcare services are operated by Netcare.



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