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Aircraft Solutions Ltd

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William Sloan

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Tel. Number
+27 79 490 9855

Fax Number
+27 86 541 8874

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
Riley Rd, Bedfordview, South Africa

Aircraft Solutions Ltd

Aircraft Solutions Ltd is the master dealer of Czech Sport Aircraft, for the African region. 


Aircraft Solutions Ltd is the master dealer of Czech Sport Aircraft, for the African region. Czech Sport Aircraft entered the market in 2009 and reached first place among manufacturers of aircraft in the LSA category with unprecedented speed. The key parameters were to create the ultimate LSA design with outstanding flying characteristics, flying faster than an average general aviation aircraft at a half of the operating cost with short short strip performance and capable of demanding flight training as well as comfortable touring capability. 

With more than 600 aircraft supplied, Czech Sport Aircraft is the most dynamic manufacturer in this market segment world-wide. 

Our strategy is to distribute state of the art aircraft that will be the industry benchmark at an affordable price. 



Our production facility is located in Kunovice - the Mecca of Czech aviation. It all begun in 1934 when a group of aviation enthusiasts opened a small workshop and started to build gliders. In 1936, a famous Czech aviation company, AVIA, opened its factory in Kunovice. During WWII the company served as a repair and maintenance facility for Junkers and Arado aircraft, after the war Lovochkin and Spitifires were repaired in Kunovice. 

Post 1934, the company worked on almost all types of airplanes that were then flying in Czechoslovakia. During the 50's and 60's, the factory manufactured the famous L-200 Morava, Z-37 Bumble Bee, and L-29, light military training jet. After the velvet revolution, the company was aquired by Aircraft Industries, the manufacturer of the legendary L-410 and L-13 Blanik gliders. At the present time, assembly of the Czech Sport Aircraft is completed in our Kunovice factory located directly at the international airport Kunovice, LKKU. 

Today, our company is one of the most sophisticated sport aircraft manufacturers in the World with outstanding products, state of the art machinery, and a highly experienced labor force. Financial back-up and most importantly, financial stability is provided by the foremost Central European financial group, Slavia Capital. 

Our vision is to develop and produce light sport aircrafts for customers seeking powerful and safe products, based on General Aviation quality standards. 

Not only aviation manufacturing made the city of Kunovice famous. Kunovice and the surrounding area is an important aviation center with one of the largest aeroclubs in the Czech Republic. Generations of pilots have been trained there. Some of them served in the RAF during WWII in the Czech fighter squadrons and later at the Eastern front in Russia. Today many of the Czech Sport Aircraft's employees continue in that tradition and are active pilots flying various type of aircraft. However, the Czech Sport Aircraft's SportCruiser is by far the most preferable aircraft design that they fly. 

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Address :-Riley Rd, Bedfordview, South Africa

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