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Date :29th, November 2013

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Francois Potgieter

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041 585 5145

Cell Number
082 422 4377


The CTsw, affordable yet capable. Able to fly non-stop from Johannesburg to Cape Town, it joins the world dominated by larger more expensive aircraft.


Do you imagine yourself flying through the sky in comfort, blessed with agility, cruising at a high-speed? Enjoying the view below due to the great visibility offered by an aircraft that you have dreamt up? Forget the dream, it’s real, it is the CTsw.

The CTsw, affordable yet capable. Able to fly non-stop from Johannesburg to Cape Town, it joins the world dominated by larger more expensive aircraft.

With enough power, space, payload, range and so much more, you finally have an affordable solution to your long established aviation dreams.

The CTsw turns imagination into reality.


The CTsw is a comfortable and agile sport aircraft with excellent visibility, a spacious cockpit and impressive flight performance.

Since serial production began in 1997, close to 400 different CT versions have been sold. Due to its remarkable design and high-tech construction, the CTsw is one of the leaders in performance in the Light Sport Aircraft category (LSA).

Its remarkable characteristics see to it that this aircraft is used all over the world for a vast range of applications.

Flying Training Aerial Surveying and Photography Glider & Banner Towing Trave
The CTsw is an ideal platform for flying training due to its agility, stability and being easy to land apart from offering safe handling. The CTsw shows very safe stalls and spins characteristics. Its high level of comfort offers a fatigue free environment for the flight instructor and his student. The aircraft will be certified for PPL training in South Africa in the course of 2006. The CTsw shows excellent properties for air-surveying work such as highways patrol, power lines control, traffic observation, game counting and fire spotting. Due to the strutless wings and specially made photo window, the exceptional and obstruction free visibility makes the CTsw an excellent tool for aerial photography. The aircraft can be flown with open doors up to a speed of 60 kts. Doors can also be removed. The CTsw is extensively used in Germany for glider and banner towing. The optional in-flight adjustable pitch propeller allows for maximum thrust production during take-off and climb. The CTsw proves its superiority in long distance flights. With a maximum range of 1800 km (incl. reserves), this roomy aircraft takes you comfortably to many remote destinations throughout Southern Africa. The large luggage compartment allows the pilot and his passenger to take along some camping gear, a lightweight cooler bag and soft luggage. Fishing rods can be stored in the fuselage.

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