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Bapsfontein: Sky Riders

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Name of Person to Contact
Fanie Deysel

Contact e-Mail


Tel. Number
+2711 964 1112

Fax Number
+2711 964 1346

Cell Number
+2783 400 7622

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
Gauteng, South Africa

Sky Riders
Sky riders is the most successful microlight training school in South Africa.
The instructors at Sky Riders are all A grade instructors with over 10 000 Hours of flying experience.

Voted best Flight School in South Africa by readers of African Pilot Magazine

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Microlighting and Sky Riders

Sky riders is the most successful microlight training school in South Africa. The instructors at Sky Riders are all A grade instructors with over 10 000 Hours of flying experience.

Microlighting is the most cost effective way to learn to fly, why not book your first lesson or demo flight experience today?

Contact Sky Riders today to book your demo flight. Come and experience the freedom of Flight


Microlight Flying Lessons make an excellent gift to anyone over the age of 16, even if you are gifting the adventure of raw flying at its best, to yourself.


There is no reason why you cannot pick up your phone and book that first flying lesson.

Sky Riders offers an intensive training program by highly experienced instructors and you could be flying solo with a student microlight pilot licence by your 10th hour of instruction.

To qualify as a Microlight Pilot you will require:

* A minimum of 25 hours of flying is needed (required by law) comprising of:

  •          10 hours dual instruction flight.
  •         15 hours solo flight under supervision of the school.

* Radio course and license
* Theory course (covering the five aviation subjects & exams)
* Flight medical certificate
* Flight books


Six days a week. (WE DO NOT fly Friday & Saturday AFTERNOONS and NO flying on Sundays.
Flight training done from 6-am – 9-am in the morning.


(Once off) 
*  Log Book                    
*  Student Training File   

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  • Instruction: Instruction hours including aircraft hire (R700 per hour dry run)
  • Radio License:  (+- R650)
  • Theory Courses:
  • Log Book 
  • MPL Training Manual
    • We have our own eBooks and these are offered at no extra charge.
  • Student File

To find out what to expect when you start, click here

The benefits of microlighting are: Stress Reduction, Natural High, comparatively low cost.

If you are intending to do your private pilot's license (ppl), then microlighting offers you an alternative route to a ppl, as there are several flying schools that will accept half of your microlight flying hours, up to a maximum of 25 hours, as contributing to the 40 hours that are necessary for a private pilot's license.

If you would like to get started with training or book a demo flight, 
contact us today.


"Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills."​


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Address :-Gauteng, South Africa

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