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Savannah Africa

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John Waterson

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East London

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The Savannah

Having an aircraft that can really get you around quickly and reliably and land where many other aircraft cannot is what you need to appreciate this beautiful landscape that we call 'home'.

The Savannah Aircraft

Africa is a continent with vast open spaces and magnificent terrain.

Having an aircraft that can really get you around quickly and reliably and land where many other aircraft cannot is what you need to appreciate this beautiful landscape. The Savannah and Oribi aircraft stand out as reliable short field performance aircraft that are robust and extremely safe. It has a high wing, tricycle landing gear and full metal construction. It boasts a deserved fame for strength and safety.


The Savannah and Oribi has Type acceptance in South Africa and in many first world countries around the world and has passed the stringent UK BCARS regulations.Read more →


The very short take-off and landing capabilities make our aircraft particularly suitable for "bush" flying and its comfort and stability are great for long cross country flights.Read more →

Easy to Fly

The Savannah requires very little rudder to co-ordinate turns and no rudder input during straight and level flight, and handles better in rough conditions than many GA planes.Read more →


The Savannah won the Best in Class for both the Kit and Ready to Fly categories at the 2012 Tedderfield Shoot Out judged on value for money. 
Read more →

The Savannah Building Kits

All the kit parts are produced by serial production on CNC and laser-cutting machines, allowing for perfect interchangeability of the spare parts.
All the aluminum skins are cut to size, bent or pressed, drilled and ready to be riveted using the supplied rivets. You only require a little deburring of the components prior to fitting. If you are wondering how long it will take you to build the aircraft here is the answer – For the builder who is practical and good with his (or her) hands:

  • ESTIMATED BUILDING TIME without painting and upholstery work – 400 hours
  • With painting and upholstery work – 500 hours

You will not be dissaponted with the end result that is for certain. Also should you run into any issues or need advice during your build we are only a phone call away.

G  A  L  L  E  R  Y


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R28,500 off Retail Price

Kit # 3
100HP Savannah S : Includes all needed including a 912s Rotax Engine and VFR Instruments
Deal is open to the first buyer to conclude the deal by phoning John Waterson 043 7321 321  or  083 3626 988.
You pay only R 524,400 including VAT.  The discount is 5% on this 1st Kit sold.
Terms & Conditions apply - chat to John for details.

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Phone:  083 3626 988
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