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Skywalk Paragliding and Paramotor School
Date :14th, January 2014

Website URL

Name of Person to Contact

Contact e-Mail
ronnie@skywalk.co.za / info@skywalk.co.za


Tel. Number
012 565 6338

Cell Number
082 322 1824

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
224 Howard Street, Pretoria North, Gauteng, South Africa

Skywalk Paragliding and Paramotor School




Everybody will offer you training, hmmm but do you want to be trained or live your passion.........  so take the 1step and come fly with us ..... on the clouds of heaven.

Skywalk offer you a adventure, a escape for everyday life, you will build friendships, mix with people like yourself that enjoy life, you will see the world and enjoy Nature how it was intended to be seen.  and live your dream.............

Passion. We fly at the pleasure of the people. So it's up to us, as pilots and instructors, to maximize these possibilities. The advice here is as much a reminder to me as it is to others.

It's far too easy for someone to watch an experienced pilot launch effortlessly and think it a simple matter. It's easy not to take the sport seriously.  My background of being here from the start of paragliding in South Africa since 1989 helps but, more importantly, it is my observation of so many different and capable instructors that let me see what techniques worked, so we lead by example and the school adopted these techniques and improved on them and that is why we are very successful and the largest school in SA with paragliding and paramotor training. That insight should be shared. 

In a nutshell, my motivation is selfish - preserve the sport so I can enjoy it well into retirement! So Flying Unlimited hours safely with us.......














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Address :-224 Howard Street, Pretoria North, Gauteng, South Africa

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