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Altair Aviation
Date :21st, January 2014

Website URL

Name of Person to Contact
Juanita Kruger / Marius Kruger

Contact e-Mail
marius@altairaviation.co.za / juanita@altairaviation.co.za

Cell Number
082 040 9798 / 082 579 5469

Altair Aviation

Altair Aviation provides back-up support, technical advice, and replacement parts for the Xenon and Zen Gyrocopters. 





WHY FLY A GYROPLANE: A gyroplane or auto gyro, as some prefer to call it, is a modern aircraft for various applications, yet with very low operating cost and in recent years has been one of the safest aircraft types.

WHY FLY A ZEN GYROPLANE:  The enclosed cockpit provides you with spacious side-by-side configuration with exceptional visibility, comfort and luggage space, ideal for long cross country trips, recreational flying, commercial, agricultural, land surveying and patrolling activities. The manufacturer of this range of gyrocopters is Aviation Artur Trendak & Son in Poland, a country rich in aviation history and well known as great aircraft builders. Aviation Artur Trendak & Son has been successfully manufacturing gyrocopters since 2006 in a small town just outside Warsaw and recently expanded their manufacturing facilities to Germany. 

Just like Altair, a superfast spinning star in the constellation Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky, we have found the Zen gyrocopter to be a star in the sky. Altair Aviation has recently acquired the agency after having owned and flown a Xenon, the predecessor to the current Zen, for the past four years and appreciated the quality, reliability, visibility and pure joy to fly of this aircraft. The more than 180 Xenon and Zen gyrocopters flying in the world, of which 15 are in South Africa is proof that others also share our passion for the Zen gyroplane. Currently we offer two models, the two seater Zen with Rotax 125 or 135 hp engine, as well as the three seater Zen XL with 135 hp engine and we eagerly await certification of a few other models.


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