About Commissions for Artwork
About Commissions
  • Charles' ability to create an exquisite image with oils on canvas allows for more than just a picture on your wall. The extreme detail means it is possible to enjoy the painting for hours on end, and the more you look the more you will discover. Whilst Charles' passion has always been for painting wildlife his portfolio extends far beyond wild animals to include pets, landscapes, seascapes, transport and portraits.
  • Please take the time to view examples of his work in the online gallery. If you select the view option underneath a thumbnail image you will open a page with a larger image. Selecting the "enlarge" option will open a huge image that will enable you to appreciate the attention to detail that he takes with his art.
  • You can become the proud owner of a personalised masterpiece by Charles Gibbons who will work with you to select the ideal image for your boardroom, office or living space. Charles can also help you to create appropriate themes, sizes and the framing needed to perfectly compliment your intended display area. Charles' studio is fully equipped with framing tools so that a finished project can be delivered "ready to hang."
  • Please contact Charles directly to discuss your requirements and he will ensure that a quotation is offered, with no obligation, ASAP.
Note from Charles
I undertake commissions by arrangement.
  • Subject details
    • Please do e-mail me a picture or pictures of what is required alternatively
    • Describe what is needed eg an outstanding specimen of a male lion or a Zebra that is running through water etc
    • Please do offer a suggested mood our ambiance eg suggest colour tones, lighting etc
  • Specify the size you consider appropriate
I will then revert with a quote. It is often best if we can discuss the assignment on the phone. This said it is best if we can meet at the site where the painting is to be hung. Where more than one painting is required such as for lodges or corporate offices I would prefer to meet to discuss themes.
  • Delivery times will depend upon the assignment but a minimum period of 2 to 4 weeks is normal.
  • We do arrange for packaging and delivery to local and foreign destinations and this matter will be dealt with in the quotation.
  • We rarely do have off the shelf paintings for sale but this is not a usual occurance.
Do explore our website and let us know
what you would like to see us offer on this site.
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