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This is a Demo Link & List Communicator that is often used for alerts and to list handy links.
List as many rows as is desired and hyperlink them to Destination URLs
When you add an ALERT ie a note "here" it is instantly updated when you submit. Users will get the latest alerts when they open the communicator.
L&L Communicators offer the option of listing and linking useful information that can be conveniently accessed from a page bookmark or from a button on a phone home screen.
The WhatsGood Communicator is a specialist L&L Communicator that offers the option of a spreadsheet upload so that huge lists can be easily uploaded eg 2,000 client contacts.
You can create as many Link & List Communicators as is desired.
You can create a L&L Communicator that is a staff telephone book plus it can link to profile pages on each staff member.
The bottom tab option (on the right), Corporate & Legal Links, links to a version of this L&L Communicator that is more complete.
The top option tabs on the right link to useful URL's.
You can create a L&L Communicator that details news and alerts to all staff, various divisions/departments or for directors etc.
Link & List Communicators can be linked from a Master Communicator by adding tabs such as on the right hand side.
You can create an online document library for individual people and link to as many documents as is desired that open when tapped. For example a lawyer could link to reference documents. A sales team could link to product service manuals etc.
You can add content as tap to download or tap to view on online flipbooks.
The L&L Communicator can be setup behind a password if desired.
The L&L Communicators can be linked to from the website menu bar or they can be completely independent online communicators.
Our Links Pages that are listed on the right hand side tabs illustrate hyperlinking to frequently used destination URLs.
You can set up L&L Communicators to have their own TLD URLs.