Go Local & Get Found: We enable your customers to link and explore your content on listings, websites, product showcases and eCommerce Stores plus we offer complete deal and coupon management to excite trade. LINK, EXPLORE, SHOWCASE & EXCITE.

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For Listings & Support:
Alan Mackenzie

Tel PA  031828 22 78

      Cell: 071 50 71 400


This month we have an amazing 50% Off deal on Loyalty Programme Marketing. LPM (Loyalty Programme Marketing) goes far beyond deep price cut discounts and  coupons.  Offer a coupon as a competition entry for a #mypetspic - manage opt-in customer databases for e-mail and SMS. Manage reviews and social sharing, etc. The best way is to use the coupon app. Click on an eg below to explore. Mia Bella18 is a real site - take the opportunity to get real coupons. CLICK HERE to read more...

We offer DIY sites and we offer built for you sites. Our Built for You sites are built by accredited site builders who quote customers for their services. We also have independent distributors, who may have agents working for them, who specialise in sales and or site building. Join us and start your own work from home/office business that you can build up and sell if you want to. Terms and conditions apply - Please read on for the background.
It's affordable, measured, simple and being neighbourly just works for everyone. We connect neighbours to each other, to their representatives and to their goods and service providers in the public and private sectors. We connect businesses to their customers and to their staff. We connect parents and learners to teachers and schools. It's about building Content Communicators and Blogs to get conversations growing. Our directory and site builders manage content that is delivered by our Sites, Link & List Communicators, Reading Rooms, Meeting Rooms and more. You will find Communicators listed on our Mobi Directories. We have moved the ball game from hits on sites to phone calls from tap to dial contact lists!
Time To Go Online: Been there done that!  What a failure!
The World's been flattened by Technology and Africa's been eased off the edge and is buried; some survive!. African SME's are not found; 1st tier countries dominate and if neighbourhood "About Us" websites are found our SME's tend to offer little to excite, engage or entertain.
There is a solution. Bloggers unite to educate, create communities, engage and share opinion on what's good and what's not. Next, let us share our vision. It is a story about:
INPUT - SME's offering experiences, products and services + deals and specials.
OUTPUT - Browsers arriving to dig them out of oblivion.
IMPACT - Entrepreneurs feed itches for deals and products to browse.
OUTCOME - Browsers stampede, without threshold fear, and the wheel turns.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY - It's simple, find and feed the itches for information, coupons, vouchers, communicators and more!
Customers may seek product user manuals. Our Communicator APP could deliver hundreds of User Manuals organised into categories and presented as flip books.  Alternatively the content could be organised into categories and preseneted as blog topics. You could also set up a Link & List Communicator APP where you list them all with tap to link functionality. 
Our Communicator APP is used to deliver Meeting Pack content to directors with an invite to attend a virtual online meeting managed by our meetings communicator.
Our Trade Show Communicator APP showcases hundreds of exhibitors complete with image galleries, online coupon deals, Q&A Blogs and much more.
Our Leisure and Lifestyle Communicator APP, Shopping Mall APP or our Neighbourhood Communicator APPs deliver webpages on suppliers with links to image galleries, blogs, deal coupons, vouchers and more. eg What's good at the mall, what deals and specials are on offer, what new ranges are in stock?
Typically you would have advanced secretarial skills with some photoshop knowledge so as to offer to build listings for businesses that would be listed on the Communicator Apps. Perhaps you would be appointed by a Distributor that specialises in selling communicators to shopping malls, tradeshows, neighourhoods etc. Maybe the Distributor specialises in selling coupons and vouchers to restaurants or businesses that offer other lifestyle experiences. The revenue model gives value to distributors and to their customers in the build fee that is charged for listings, in a hosting mark-up and for coupon or voucher administration fees.
Contact us for more information on our business opportunities.
How to Install the Communicator Mobile App On an iOS device.
Using Safari or Firefox
Open one of the options listed below with one of the above browsers
(you can’t bookmark from some browsers).
Tap the “Bookmark” button, and then tap “Add to Home Screen.”
On an Android device.
Use the Chrome browser to open the option selected below.
Tap the “Menu” button, and then tap “Add to Home Screen.”
       The Neighbourhood, Trade Show, Shopping Mall  and What's Good Communicator APPs link our Directories.  Select one below to link to it.
       Overview Video 3.33 minutes:
Multi Channel Marketing: We have consolidated Affordable, Simple, Measured Marketing Channel options that have worked for decades.
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