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Collective Marketing to Local Communities is the Solution to Local Business Being Found
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Allow me to tell you a story. It's been a subtle war; everybody against everybody. Yes, ever since the first friendly messages never thought about keyword saturation.  There've been no sides, just a chaotic civil war and they've flattened the earth. There's nothing round about the internet it's flat, and Africa's been pushed off the edge. Yip, the world is flat, everybody is in view except that we have been nudged off the edge!

"Ignorance is no sin," says St Peter, standing at the Pearly Gates, "our  policy, however,  requires a rewind to test persistence!"

"Eish, this itch," moans an overdressed blonde, by the name of Sally Goodman scratching. "It's 'cos my candy shop has gone online and now cannot be found!”

“Your candy man loved you,” said, an old man in a Safari suit waving an old mail order catalogue hoping to provoke a reaction, “but you didn’t care enough to shop online.” The old man was her father, Bob Goodman.

“He loved me?” she asked, the surprise clear in her voice and posture.

"Yes, and you did not care enough to dig down there, off the edge of the earth," said her Father still waving his 1948 mail order catalogue.

"What are you waving that catalogue for," bellowed St Peter, looking straight at Bob.

“Ag man, if only we could use my 1948 catalogue," said Bob, who continued to say, "We did it then –  stamps boet, yes we connected offline with stamps and not the internet.”

St. Peter pointed to the two of them and gestured that they come before him, and when they did, he asked, "OK, shopaholics when shopping, what did you look for?"

Sally responded in an instant, " In the Mall it's fashion, jewellery and candy."

Bob put up his hand, and when given the nod by St Peter, he said, "Deals, specials and pensioner discounts."

To this St. Peter responded,  "Have you ever tried the internet?"

Again Sally beat her Dad to respond, and she blurted out, "Facebook, and Twitter 4ever! But, hey not my credit card... no way."

Her Dad, looking irritated, said, " Ag man, all you get is CV's and boring stories and no deals and no products to browse."

To which, St. Peter then replied in a commanding voice, "Go back and do it again, and again, and again, until you learn to give your customers products to browse, to satisfy their interest, and deals to excite."

"Just keep at it till your customers dig you out from nowhere and put you back up onto the flat earth where you must be found, every day,  feeding  candy to itches for an awesome user experience," continued St Peter, who closed off by shouting down to them, as they climbed down to earth, "...and when you get it right, I'll let you in here."

That's our story and vision of the future.

Warm regards,
"The eAfrica Team."

P.S. We're here to help, and we have what you need to be found on the level playing field, called the internet. Our sitebuilder offers editable templates for speed and ease of customisation.
Multi Channel Marketing: We have consolidated Affordable, Simple, Measured Marketing Channel options that have worked for decades.
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